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Why Choose Us


Compass Expeditions has experienced amazing growth in its short 8 years to become one of the worlds best known motorcycle tour companies! Ask yourself WHY We started with 5 bikes, 1 old battered Toyota Landcrusier and a huge amount of enthusiasm. Today we operate 25 motorcycle tours in 36 countries on 4 continents with offices in Chile, Peru and Australia and a sales team spanning the globe. We now have a fleet of BMW motorcycles and support vehicles but one thing remains the same, a true passion for what we do and the wonderful sense of achievement in providing incredible, sometimes life changing experiences.


Beautiful scenery

Simple really…You get what you pay for, and with COMPASS EXPEDITIONS that phrase has never been more accurate. We invite you to look at our competitors and see what they include in their prices and you will see that there is a reason that on some occasions they are cheaper. We firmly believe that when you have paid for a tour that should be the end of digging into your wallet. You will not have any more out of pocket expenses when you arrive, other than purchases of a personal nature and a small number of lunches and dinners. We include more sights and activities than anyone else, don’t take our word for it, look at our competitors inclusions. Our motorcycle itineraries are unique and varied with people such as Dakar legend Simon Pavey and well known Charley Boorman leading our rides. Our South America motorcycling touring program is the most comprehensive available and we are the only ones offering the epic Road of Bones rides amongst others.

Below are a number of questions you need to be asking our competitors

Do you offer any motorcycle damage Excess Reduction plans?


All motorcycle tour companies have a damage amount that is collected, usually via credit card, at the start of your journey. This damage amount that can be collected is often up to and including the full replacement cost of your bike. We all know how easy it is to drop a bike and the costs quickly add up in the countries we operate in as motorcycles are considered a luxury item and as such are taxed heavily. In reaction to this Compass Expeditions has developed an “Excess Reduction Policy” where for US$ 25 per day extra the maximum amount for any damage to the bike is US$ 1000, even a write-off, and it has happened.

Does the length of tour days include time getting to and from the start / end point?


Some companies include the time spent on an airplane getting to and from the tour as time spent on tour. This is misleading, stuck in a plane for hours on end, sometimes days is NOT being on holiday. All our ride lengths indicate time on tour, not a minute before or after.

Do you include any meals aside from the start and finish days?

At Compass Expeditions we do provide more than a “Welcome and Farewell meal”. On all our rides we include all breakfasts and many meals during the ride. Big deal you might say but this is a cost that can quickly adds up.

Do you have experience in the countries you are selling tours in?


We have years of experience under our belts riding the destinations that we offer when riding a Compass Expeditions bike. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but even we are stunned when we have competitors who sell similar rides, right down to the name of our rides and then email us for info on how or what happens on a particular ride. Again “so what” you may think and that may be true however when things go wrong, and they often do, EXPERIENCE is all that will get you through. Compass Expeditions has offices in Chile, Peru and Australia our experience on the ground is unmatched.

Are the bikes we ride your bikes or are they rentals?

Going, going, gone

Far from turning up once or twice a year to lead a tour on someone’s else rental bikes we are on the South American continent year round and we own all our bikes, a fleet of BMW F 700 GS twins, we are the ONLY international company using its own bikes in this continent, this is why we have the greatest variety of motorcycle tours in South America, not even the locals have such an extensive offering of motorcycle tours.

What standard of bike does your trip include?

As mentioned above we use the latest BMWs motorbikes in South America and for the majority of travel partners we ride with elsewhere they also use BMWs. Some companies charge up to US$ 1500 EXTRA just to be riding what we have as our standard offering. Again “so what” you might be thinking but do you really want to be struggling along on an underpowered, unreliable piece of junk fighting the winds of Patagonia or riding the vast distances of Brazil or do you prefer to be on the latest BMWs?

Does your support vehicle really provide “support?”

Happy to have a few Choco Pies for lunch

Our support vehicle carries all clients luggage and on our major expeditions carries all clients’ spares and tools as well. Our crew are there to repair the bikes or help relocate the bikes to get them repaired if roadside repairs cannot be performed. We really do provide “support”.

What is your maximum group size?

Now this is important, feel like queuing up with 20 other riders? Everything is a nightmare from fuelling the bikes to hotel check-ins. Our group sizes will remain small and small doesn’t mean 20 to 25 riders!! For our major expeditions, 75 days+, the maximum is 15 riders and for our shorter tours the maximum is 10 riders. Despite some of our tours selling out years in advance we WILL NOT be turning our rides into motorcycle “roadshows”. If clients want to travel with dozens of others we are confident they would be booking a bus tour!

The choice is yours, pay too much, or ride with Compass Expeditions and experience real value for money. We don’t fill our website with a long list of our accomplishments and what we have done we simply provide great value full service motorcycle tours.


Local cafe owners in the ROB


Something quite often overlooked. We provide all breakfasts on every day of the tour and a large number of lunches and dinners during the tour. Our lunches are unique in that we prepare them on the spot and they consist of tasty, healthy sandwiches along with salads and water. Re-hydration is critical at altitude, especially considering that clients will be riding motorbikes, and we take our clients health seriously. All the restaurants we take our clients to have been tried and tested over the years and have proven their quality. Take a look at the competition and see how they compare.

Our accommodation styles:

Our accommodations are as diverse as the regions we ride through. On our motorcycle tours in South America we utilise 3 to 4 star hotels, yet depending on the tour you could find yourself in a lake side log cabin in the Patagonian wilderness or in an air-conditioned cabin on a ferry up the Amazon. In Siberia we wild camp amongst the endless Taiga or spend nights in a Mongolian Ger camp. We have spent many years in these regions and we know the best places to stay, the places that reflect the very best that the region has to offer.

3-4 Star

Machu Picchu

On most of our rides we utilise 3 to 4 star hotels chosen for their comfort, location and uniqueness. All hotels have clean linen, towels and en-suite facilities. Most of the hotels also have cable TV with numerous English speaking channels. On some tours a very few numbers of hotels may be below 3 star, we only stay at these below standard accommodations due to necessity. We get of the beaten track and thus at times 3 to 4 star hotels are not available.


Only on our Major Expeditions do we camp and this is only when no accommodation is available, when we do camp it is usually in a spectacular location. Wild camping is a unique experience as they are always in a completely remote location and quite often these nights spent around a campfire under the stars remain as a tour highlight.

Unique Accommodations


Some of our accommodations we utilise are amazing, whether it be a rustic log cabin situated overlooking a stunning lake surrounded by snow capped peaks or a traditional Ger deep within the Mongolian wilderness or even a working Estancia in Argentina, we at Compass Expeditions strive to provide some of the best “experience rich” accommodations going.


In keeping with our all-inclusive policy, all national park entrances, visitors’ tickets, ruins entrance fees and activities, as mentioned in the “WHATS INCLUDED” section of each tour, is included in the tour price. We include high quality activities such as jet boat rides at Foz do Iguaçu, entrance and guide to Machu Picchu and flights over the Nazca lines. We don’t refer to them as premium excursions or royal tours, we simply include them. We go beyond the norm to find some of the worlds greatest motorcycle friendly roads. Again we invite you to have a look at our competitors and make a list of what’s included.


Take a quick look at our motorcycle tours of South America and beyond, and you will soon discover that we are a stand alone company when it comes to the motorcycle expeditions that we offer; they are unique, diverse and in most cases we are the only ones that operate in some regions. Why? Because we know South America! Having lived and worked there for nearly 20 years, we know all the great places. As well as the famous sights, we know the “off the gringo trails” and with our company you will ride the real South America. Every destination we offer we have either ridden a motorbike or led a tour in so we have first hand experience in operating in these regions. As Compass has expanded we have selected some partners in various destinations to offer tours in the all inclusive “Compass Style”. Staff from Compass Expeditions has either travelled with these companies or the owners of the companies have travelled with us to gain first hand knowledge of how we operate.

Havin’ a look

As motorcyclists ourselves we appreciate that the main reason for joining one of or motorcycle tours is the desire to ride, however, we also take the time to stop and explore the area and never neglect important sights. We are often astounded at the pace of some other motorcycle tours operators, having lived and worked in South America and around the world for years, and we know some places just can’t be rushed. After all, it is a holiday!

Our bikes

Our bikes are some of the best available. We use BMWs, with our fleet consisting of the new BMW F700 GS twins. All bikes have been upgraded to be better equipped to handle the sometimes difficult conditions that we may encounter while crossing Siberia, or riding the “Ripio” in the Patagonian far south. In other destinations we offer such as Australia, Turkey or Africa we also offer the F 800s and the R 1200s

Our support vehicle

There are many support vehicles now and all come equipped with the following equipment; a small kitchen (for those great lunches), a portable fridge, library, CD player and also seating capacity for four passengers. This enables us to carry some non riding passengers. We also tow a trailer for bike carrying, tools and spare parts.

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