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 Adelaide Motorcycle Rental/Hire


For more information about each state, including motorcycle highlights, weather, best time to travel, just click the State on the interactive map and you’ll find the answers.


Adelaide is the capital of the state of South Australia and renting a motorcycle from Adelaide provides a fantastic gateway for explorations into the wine region of the Barossa Valley, spectacular rides through the beautiful Flinders Ranges and Arkaroola, the chance to ride the infamous Oodnadatta Track and Nullarbor Plain and journeys into the red heart of Australia and Darwin.

A good combination is a Melbourne to Adelaide motorcycle ride or vice versa to get a taste of riding in Victoria and South Australia.



Adelaide Motorbike Rental Collection

Compass Expeditions offers the opportunity to rent a BMW motorcycle when booked in advance and collected from a location in central Adelaide. It is a short taxi ride from most central Adelaide Hotels or the airport. Most rentals beginning or ending require a one way fee to be paid, but get in contact via e-mail because we may have a motorbike already located in Adelaide at the time you are interested in, which could mean that a one way fee is not necessary.

Weather in South AustraliaRent a motorcycle from Adelaide to discover South Australia

As South Australia is the country’s driest state the rain levels are minimal throughout most of the year but you still need to check road closure notices in the Outback areas after periods of rain as large fines are applied if you are caught on the road during these closures.

Northern parts

May, June and July are the coldest months where night time temperatures can drop down to 5 degrees Celcius (41 F) but temperatures during the day can still be reasonable warm around 15 – 20 degrees Celcius (59 – 68 F). Summer temperatures can exceed 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) during December, January and February. This is also the period where there can be more rain.

Southern parts

Temperatures in the south of the state are slightly lower than the northern parts but rain is more likely from May to August.

Where to ride in the Adelaide, South Australia Region

Hiring a motorbike in Adelaide quickly gives you access to some beautiful National Parks, beaches and provides a fantastic start point for Adelaide to Perth Motorcycle journeys or trips through the red heart of Australia to Ayers Rock, Alice Springs and Darwin.


Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and is a great starting point to discover some amazingly beautiful parts of Australia. With prior arrangement we will have one of our Suzuki or BMW GS rental motorcycles waiting for you in a central location in Adelaide for you to collect ready to explore the Outback.

Adelaide city itself is nestled between the sea and the Adelaide Hills making for some picturesque motorcycle riding within a relatively short distance. The city itself is relaxed with a population of just over 1.2 million. It is interesting and worth spending a night in prior to your motorbike adventure. Certainly though the real beauty of the region lies out in the the regions around Adelaide as outlined below. 

Flinders Ranges

Wilpena Pound as seen from the air is the major feature of the Flinders Ranges. Credit: Tourism Australia Photo: Hamilton Lund

Wilpena Pound as seen from the air is the major feature of the Flinders Ranges. Credit: Tourism Australia Photo: Hamilton Lund

The Flinders Ranges is the largest mountain range in South Australia, which starts approximately 360kms North West of Adelaide. The ranges stretch for 430kms from Port Pirie to Lake Callaboona. Its most characteristic landmark is Wilpena Pound, a large, sickle shaped natural amphitheater covering nearly 80 sq kms containing the ranges highest peak, St Mary Peak at 1170 metres and adjoining the Flinders Ranges National Park. The first humans to inhabit the Flinders Ranges were the Adnyamathanha people (meaning ‘hill people’ or ‘rock people’ whose decedents still reside in the area.  Cave paintings, rock engravings or other artefacts indicate that the Adnyamathanha people have lived here in the Flinders Ranges for tens of thousands of years.

More specifically for motorcycle riders is that the Flinders Ranges is a paradise with a vast area of stunningly beautiful mountains and valleys to explore and the entire area is crisscrossed with gravel and dirt roads. This area features in many of our tours such as the Australia Encompassed tour from Darwin to Melbourne and there is a good reason why; this area consistently provides some of the most picturesque riding experiences in Australia. River beds, wildlife, huge areas of grass and abundant bird, reptile and mammal activity makes this region a beautiful place to camp, explore and to just immerse yourself in as part of your journey. Highlights include a ride through the ragged Brachina and Bunyeroo Gorges, Mooralana Scenic Drive and spending a night or two at a great location such as Rawnsley Park Station surrounded by Emus and the with the ranges lit up in the red light of dusk.

You do need to plan out fuel stops if taking some of the more remote roads but there are numerous points where fuel and accommodation can be found.

Gammon Ranges National Park

At the North-east end of the Flinders Ranges lies the Gammon Ranges National Park, which is the last part of the mountain range before the land flattens out into the vast Outback Plains of central Australia.

The park features many deep gorges and chasms through which you find creeks and watering holes that promote more tree growth and plant life. Again this attracts birds and wildlife and also is the area where you’ll find camping spots.

Many of the tracks are remote and so if you plan on travelling in this region it is best to travel with others, plan your fuel stops, have quality GPS equipment, carry plenty of water and provisions. A satellite phone is also recommended and can be rented from Compass Expeditions along with your motorcycle rental.


Located 600km north of Adelaide and 130km east of Leigh Creek, and in the ruggedly spectacular northern Flinders Ranges, this 610sq km multi award-winning Wilderness Sanctuary, operated by the Sprigg family, contains some of Australia’s most spectacular mountain views. In the 1960’s Greg and Griselda Sprigg bought this 610kms sheep property and dedicated their lives to returning the land to its natural state.

Arkaroola features rugged mountains, towering granite peaks, magnificent gorges and mysterious waterholes, home to over 160 species of birds and the shy and endangered Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby.

Arkaroola is also one of the best places in the Southern Hemisphere to gaze at the heavens as the area has very stable air conditions and up to 300 clear nights per year.

Photo Credit: Tourism Australia. Photographer: Greg Snell

Beautiful Arkaroola and the Flinders Ranges has fantastic motorcycle riding tracks and roads. Photo Credit: Tourism Australia. Photographer: Greg Snell


Nullarbor Plain

The start of the Nullarbor Plain is located some 880 kms to the west of Adelaide and its western edge reaches well over the Western Australia/South Australia border. At its widest point it covers some 1,100 km with the northern edge being the Great Victoria Desert. All along its southern edge is the Great Australian Bight and at various points along the journey it is possible to see whales passing along the rugged coastline and the jagged seacliffs. A large part of the plain has been declared as the Nullarbor National Park (latin for “No Trees”) and this huge area forms the best route for an Adelaide to Perth motorcycle journey. These days the road is entirely sealed but in days gone by it was dirt, full of pot-holes and bull dust which cemented “Crossing the Nullarbor” into the Australian Psyche as being an arduous experience which is still proudly displayed on the bumpers of cars and caravans today. While the riding itself across the region is fairly mundane with large stretches of straight road the scenery is impressive and the areas before and after the Nullarbor feature vast areas of trees, rolling country and small bays to visit.

The beautiful Barossa Valley. Credit: Tourism Australia, Photographer: Adam Bruzzone

The beautiful Barossa Valley. Credit: Tourism Australia, Photographer: Adam Bruzzone

Barossa Valley

The beautiful Barossa Valley is one of Australia’s major wine producing areas located about 60 km north of Adelaide. Originally the area was inhabited by German settlers and miners from Cornwall in England, and the towns of the valley were distinct due to these different influences.

Today the Barossa Valley is famous for its red wine with Shiraz being the most well known but with Riesling, Grenache, Semillon and Cabernet Sauvignon also being grown in smaller quantities. As often is the case there is also a growing food production industry, which ties in well with the wineries. Fruit companies, specialty cheese companies, bakeries, butchers that specialize in German style smallgoods are just some of the options available and these are more frequently being exported to other parts of Australia. Maggie Beer is probably one of the most famous within Australia from her TV, writing and restaurateur past and, as well as having had gourmet restaurants in the past, currently is a fierce promoter of the Barossa Valley region and operates a business providing gourmet goods and Icecream.

Well worth stopping the motorcycle for an afternoon or evening to enjoy some quality produce and a glass or two of fantastic Australian Wine.

Oodnadatta Track

One of the most famous and well know Outback Roads in Australia, the Oodnadatta Track sits on an old Aborigine Trade Route and runs from the town of Marree (678 km north of Adelaide) through to Marla which sits on the Stuart Highway. This is wide open Outback Australia at its most vast and the 620 kilometres of the Oodnadatta takes you on a mildly undulating, but mostly straight ride over gravel, dirt and dusty corrugations past small outback stops like William Creek, Oodnadatta, The legendary Pink Roadhouse, Lake Eyre and multiple springs along the way. During the winter when there is more chance of rain you have to check for road closures, these are strictly enforced to preserve the surface of the road as much as possible. It is certainly dusty during the summer and there is a need for careful planning of the route and fuel stops when riding a motorcycle through the Oodnadatta. Make sure to carry water with you at all times and to watch out for animals on the road such as camels, cattle and occasionally wild horses. The Emu are particularly numerous through here so watch out for them as their road sense is not the most advanced and hitting an Emu on a motorcycle will certainly be a show stopper.

Many choose to ride the Oodnadatta from Marree as far as Oodnadatta Township itself and then take the turnoff to the Southwest towards Coober Pedy.



Coober Pedy

Since 1915 Coober Pedy has been providing some of the worlds best quality Opal due to the fact that there are over 70 opal mines in the area. Taking a break from your Australia motorcycle rental in Coober Pedy gives a chance to find out more about this fascinating town, where the locals prefer to live below the surface in excavated caves (called dugouts) and be protected from the harsh summer time temperatures.

There are hotels, shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and churches carved out of the rock, and the stability of the area and rock allows for some large spans without support to be excavated. 50% of the population now live below ground where the temperature is regulated and tends to be more consistent, not affected by extreme summer or winter temperatures outside. Overnighting in one of the underground hotels in Coober Pedy is a fantastic experience and provides a real insight into a slightly different Outback style of living. Coober Pedy can be reached by travelling along the Stuart Highway or by turning off the Oodnadatta Track onto Oodnadatta Road.







Photo Credits: 

Banner: Oodnadatta Track and Flinders Ranges – Compass Expeditions

South Australia Map – Compass Expeditions

Wilpena Pound from the air – Hamilton Lund, Tourism Australia

Arkaroola – Greg Snell, Tourism Australia

Barossa Valley – Adam Bruzzone, Tourism Australia

Oodnadatta Track – Compass Expeditions



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