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South America 360 Expedition – Welcome to Bolivia!

Justin and Felix.....doing what they do best....entertaining the group...

Welcome to Bolivia! In this instalment of the South America 360 blog, we cross the border from Peru into Bolivia and head towards La Paz. La Paz to Uyuni,  a long day, with a lot of kilometers. We left very early because of a predicted protest. They locals had just finished 3 days of celebrations […]

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South America 360 Expedition – Nazca to Puno


May 28, Nazca to Puno, June 9, marks the end of our visit to the wonderful country of Peru. We continue from Nazca to Puerto Inka, a great short day of Riding along the moon scapes of the western shores, with nothing but ocean, desert and huge dunes, with a magically constructed road leading through […]

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Compass Expeditions – Patagonia Relocation Motorcycle Rentals – December 2017


Compass Expeditions – Patagonia Relocation Motorcycle Rentals – December 2017 December is the perfect time of year to ride in Patagonia and we have a motorcycle rental deal that can’t be beaten. If you have ever dreamed of riding independently in this spectacular part of the world, this is your chance to do it and […]

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South America 360 Expedition – Mancora Peru to Nazca, Peru

A great little light snack, Minni Kraps, they are way better than the Huge Kraps.

May 18, Mancora Peru to Nazca, Peru, May 27 Mancora. A beautifully scenic beach town on the coast of Peru. The group meets up again after the long separation, we spend a short day and night at the comfortable beach bungalows. Then are straight back on track to the scheduled itinerary. Heading out again the next […]

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“The biggest mistake of our lives” – The birth of Compass Expeditions

Micks Book

“The biggest mistake of our lives”, a book written by Compass Expeditions founder, Mick McDonald, is now in its second print run and we have a couple of 100 for sale. Purchase your copy now In 2005 four novice bike riders rode Honda Transalps from London to Vladivostok, primarily to raise money for a tiny Australian […]

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South America 360 Expedition – Justin of the Jungle reports

Safely secured bikes and van.

The group separates. I go one way, from the coast of Brazil to the coast of Peru, transporting the bikes and the van. The rest of the group goes on to explore Columbia and Ecuador. Definitely not the ideal situation, but it had to be done this way. The troubles and dangers and the crazy […]

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South America 360 Expedition – Praoi do Pipa to Manaus – Crew Report


Felix and Justin…somewhere A good riding day leaving Pipa, traffic, sun, rain, sun, late afternoon arrival to a great place called crooked canoe, Quanoa Quebrada, to stay at the Hotel California, such a lovely place. This will be my second stay at a hotel California, once before in Mexico, that they say was the original […]

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South America 360 Expedition – Rio to Praia do Pipa – Crew Report


Rainy and twisty. Long kilometers for the first day leaving Rio. Second day, long day again with very slow traffic and even slower towns and villages, and pouring rain, did, I mention the rain… Getting into Oro Preto next. It is a beautiful town with very tight and steep cobblestone streets. A great town to walk […]

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The 2017 Compass Expeditions Photo Competition!


On the 25th and 26th of March Compass Expeditions held it’s annual Reunion Weekend. You can read all about the rides and the fantastic dinner that followed here on our Blog.   One of the most anticipated components of our Reunion Weekend is always the Photo Competition. Each year, we ask all of our past tour […]

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South America 360 Expedition – Brazil, Foz do Iguacu to Rio de Jenairo – Crew Report


Leaving Foz do Iguacu to Rio de Jenairo for 3 days By Justin Wow, a long and challenging day of riding, leaving Foz, arriving in the dark into Campo Largo,  over 600 km. Relief and anticipation of the great days ahead of us. Passing an interesting Bathroom shop and aptly named at that. This is the same […]

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CAIRO TO CAPE TOWN 2017 – Zimbabwe to Chobe, Botswana – CREW REPORT


The most amazing hotel we were to stay at in Zimbabwe was the lodge at the ancient ruins. This hotel is a series of lodges built into the mountain side integrating the massive granite boulders into the construction of the rooms and buildings. From here we visited the great Zimbabwe ruins. An city which was […]

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2017 Compass Expeditions, Mansfield, Reunion Weekend Wrap-Up


It was overcast but warm when a handful of riders gathered at the entrance to Southbank Motorcycles BMW on Saturday morning……. Actually there were lots of riders there, but that was because a BMW ride was coincidently planned and meeting at the same place and time as our little Compass Expeditions Reunion ride group. Once […]

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Cairo to Cape Town 2017 – Malawi and Mozambique – Crew Report


Relaxed and ready to roll, once again we made our way out of the traffic of Arusha and headed south. Unfortunately Mount Kilimanjaro would not show its snowy peak through the high cloud cover this time around. We passed the days on easy roads winding our way beyond Dodoma, stopping at sights like the Ismalia […]

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South America 360 Expedition – Justin Reports – Ushuaia, Argentina to Foz do Iguacu, Brasil


South America 360 Expeditions Ushuaia, Argentina to Foz do Iguacu, Brasil One quarter (¼) of the 360 journey is complete! Justin reports   After some relaxation and recuperation time in Ushuaia, and deeply needed visitations to the local Irish pubs, you know they’re everywhere! We were ready to ride North, from el Fin del Mundo […]

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Mongolian Magic Motorcycle Tour

Our Accommodation

Mongolian Magic Motorcycle Tour                                                        15 March 2017 Compass Expeditions is excited to announce our latest unique riding destination, Mongolia. “This is definitely one of the most exciting, remote and rarely visited regions left on earth, its true last frontier stuff”, says Compass Expeditions director Mick McDonald, “Mongolia is always a standout highlight for […]

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Cairo to Cape Town 2017 – Tanzania – Crew Report


The Compass Expeditions Cairo to Cape Town Expedition continues South towards it’s destination at the very tip of Africa. The riders have had a chance to take a few days off the bikes, take a safari and spend some beach time as they make their way through Tanzania. Farewelling Brendan, we welcomed Bayne on to […]

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South America 360 Expedition – Justin Reports#2

The sun showed its bright light for a bit during a grey and rainy day.

South America 360 Arrival into Ushuaia, Argentina Justin reports Riding through more of Patagonia today, with luck, not such wild winds today, as they are most of the time. We made it to Cerro Sombrero, Chile. It was bit chilly, rainy and foggy, but the winds left us alone. The bikes and new Sprinter van are all […]

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South America 360 Expedition – Justin Reports#1

Heading South under blue skies

2017 SOUTH AMERICA 360 THE LONGEST TOUR IN THE WORLD* Justin reports Let me introduce our group on this adventure of a lifetime: Ted, at 70 years solid, riding a BMW GS 1200. (check out his tour blog at Ted’s Big Ride). Bob and Donna, riding two up, also on a BMW GS 1200, married now […]

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South America 360 2017 – Ted’s Big Ride!


Ted Baird is one of our riders on the Epic South America 360 Expedition. It is an incredible 128 Day ride, (Almost) circumnavigating the south American continent. Our riders and crew departed Santiago, Chille last week and are heading counter clockwise, south, towards Patagonia at the moment. Ted is blogging about his experiences on the […]

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Cairo to Cape Town 2017 – Kenya – Crew Report


Our border crossing day today out of Ethiopia and into Kenya went pretty smoothly once the chaos of the Ethiopian side was behind us. The new roads in the harsh inhospitable north of Kenya made travelling a breeze and we completed our 450 km plus a border crossing in good time to set up our […]

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Compass Expeditions Reunion Weekend 2017


It’s time again for the Compass Expeditions Reunion. This year the date will be 25th -26th of March and we are returning to the beautiful Victorian High Country for a ride in the hills, good company and great tucker. Lunch will be 1pm on the Saturday and afterwards we will take in some of the […]

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Cairo To Cape Town 2017 – Ethiopia to Kenya – Crew Report


Ethiopia – Crossing the border from Sudan to Ethiopia took quite some time, but was relatively painless which was surprising given the ramshackle conditions of the border facilities in both countries. I think we were all a little bit sad to be leaving the hospitality of the Sudanese, but excited to be in a new country […]

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Cairo to Cape Town Expeditions 2017 – Sudan to Ethiopia – Crew Report


After our first camp night over the border into Sudan we started heading south through an ever changing desert landscape, along busy and rough roads to Karima. Here we visited the less famous pyramids of Jebel Barkal. These were walking distance from our hotel and just by the side of the road. It was refreshing […]

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Compass Expeditions and Jo Rust team up for a Peruvian Adventure


Compass Expeditions and Jo Rust Adventures are pleased to announce that Jo will be leading an incredible 16-day tour through the motorcycling paradise of Peru. The 2017 Jo Rust’s Peruvian Adventure is set to depart from the lakeside city of Puno on the 25th of August and travels via a hit-list of breathtaking highlights through […]

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Rocky Creek’s Pocket Pump does the job on the road from Cairo To Cape Town!


Compass Expeditions is testing out some of the great products from the Rocky Creek Designs range on our 80-Day, 16,500km, Cairo to Cape Town Expedition. One inevitable thing when you are riding the length of Africa is sand! Many motorcyclists dread riding in sand, but with a bit of planning it can be made a […]

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Gearlock to the rescue!

Gearlock to the rescue

At the Phillip Island Motorcycle Classics a few weeks ago, I found myself in a dilemma that has plagued me on a number of occasions. I had ridden my old BMW to the event, appropriately attired in my favourite, old school leather jacket (you have to look the part, right?). It’s a beautiful day down […]

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Cairo To Cape Town – Images


Back hear at Compass Expeditions HQ……..We await news from the C2C road with anticipation. When it comes it is even better when there are pictures! Here are a selection of the shots that have come in so far. by

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Cairo To Cape Town 2017 – Crew Report #2


Our C2C riders are now all on the road and heading South towards their ultimate goal – Cape Town, South Africa! It took longer than expected to extract all of the bikes from the customs authorities but once that was achieved it was off to see the sights. Ride Leader Andrew takes up the tale: […]

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Cairo To Cape Town 2017 – Pre Departure


The Compass Expeditions Crew have been in Cairo and Alexandria for the past couple of weeks dealing with the local authorities, customs and shipping agents to have all off the red tape sorted out to be able to unload the bikes and “Truckantular”, our custom built support vehicle, released from the port and on the […]

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Compass Expeditions and Rocky Creek Designs – A Quality Partnership


Compass Expeditions and Rocky Creek Designs – A Quality Partnership Our tour bikes and support vehicles do some pretty hard yards in Australia and across the globe. Flat tires and exhausted batteries are things that inevitably happen and are frustrating and time consuming for us when on tour or conducting our research trips. That is […]

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Motorcycling documentary makes main stream TV!

Compass Expeditions Cairo To Cape TownBJ in Botswana1_0004

Fire up the BBQ and set aside 1 hour for 4 Saturday afternoons in mid January to early February 2017 to watch the 4 part mini series Beyond Siberia & Beyond Sahara; a documentary that follows 2 groups of bikers as they tackle some of the most remote riding destinations on earth. 7 Mate Viewing […]

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Explore Peru Tour Update #2


We are back in Cusco after two amazing side trips.  The first had us riding through the Sacred Valley and overnighting in Aguas Calientes, which is our base for exploring Machu Picchu.  It’s quite common for the site to be blanketed in an early morning fog but once the cloud lifted it gave us astonishing […]

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Explore Peru Tour Update.


Riders from Canada, Australia, UK and the USA flew in to Juliaca, Peru and were transferred to the city of Puno on the shores of the beautiful Lake Titicaca for our Explore Peru tour.   Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world at over 3,800 metres above sea level and looks more like […]

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Kyrgyzstan Explorer – Life’s pretty straight without a twisty.


The northern route around Issyk Kol, afforded us awesome views of the seemingly endless chain of snow-capped peaks of the Tien Shan Mountains that border China. We stopped off at Cholpon Ata to visit the 40ha site stuffed with petroglyphs dating back to 1500BC. The ride up until Cholpon Ata was superb as we wound […]

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Kyrgyzstan Explorer – Song Kol


Song Kol We left the super friendly yurt family from Tash Rabat that have been our hosts for the last 2 nights and headed west for the very remote and high Moldo Pass, their were concerns we would not be able to cross the pass because of unusually late rains. The track quickly turned to […]

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Compass Expeditions Adventure Motorcycle Tour Catalogue 2016

Compass Expeditions Brochure 2016

We would like to announce the release of our new Adventure Motorcycle Tour Catalogue for 2016 Showcasing the range of Compass Expeditions Tours across the globe including amazing rides in Australia, South America, Africa, South East Asia, Russia and Central Asia. We have a ride for everyone, broken down for you into a few categories: […]

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KYRGYZSTAN EXPLORER TOUR – Headless goat polo anyone?

Headless Goat Polo Kyrgyzstan

Day four of the recce trip of Kyrgyzstan turned out to be something else, we left Naryn climbed to 2000m and were greeted with some of the most spectacular scenery thus far; a wall of ice and snow covered mountains of the At Bashy Range that borders China. We soon turned off the main road […]

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Kyrgyzstan Explorer Tour – Into the unknown


“Were going to Kyrgyzstan” drew blank stares every time without fail, “never heard of it”, “where is it?” “Isn’t it dangerous?” were the usual replies but for us this “unknown” country is an absolute standout bikers destination, bar none, ask anyone of our previous Road of Bones riders who have ridden Kyrgyzstan, its always a […]

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Cairo to Cape Town – Into Cape Town


It’s difficult to imagine that 3 months ago, 20 complete strangers met for the first time in Cairo to commence an adventure that will change their lives. We were about to ride our motorbikes across the length of Africa, over 18,000 kilometres, through 12 countries and now, 3 months later, we are in Cape Town, […]

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Cairo to Cape Town – Botswana & Namibia


Our border crossing from Botswana into Namibia was the easiest and quickest of our entire journey so far. All 16 bikes, 4WD truck, trailer and 20 people passed through within an hour. It was such a contrast to the start of our ride two and a half months ago where border crossings could take all […]

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Cairo to Cape Town – Malawi to Botswana


The Malawian people made our time in their country extremely enjoyable (the great riding roads helped as well). Although Malawi is among the poorest in the world, they have a richness in both culture and humanity that we could all learn from. It has been a great experience. But it’s time to move forward on […]

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Cairo to Cape Town – Tanzania and Malawi

Mikumi National Park during Cairo to Cape town Motorcycle Tour

13 November 2015 We rode from Kenya into Tanzania on the day of the Tanzanian federal election and had been told there could be some unrest between rival supporters. We didn’t know what to expect, but from our perspective, things seemed calm enough. In the town of Arusha, it was interesting to see cues of […]

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Cairo to Cape town Expedition – Tanzania

Cairo to Cape town Motorcycle Expedition group in Tanzania

It was only a half day ride from Naivasha to Nairobi and we’d been warned to expect heavy traffic entering Nairobi, so we were prepared. But to our delight, the predictions were wrong. It was actually a very easy ride, made easier by the fact our hotel was on the outskirts of the city.   […]

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Cairo to Cape town Expedition – Kenya

Kenya - Cairo to Cape town Motorcycle Tour

4 November 2015 Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, gave us a chance to stock up on supplies, get bikes washed, celebrate a birthday and generally relax before heading off to Kenya.   Riding out of Addis the following day was absolute mayhem, true African style so it was good to eventually see some […]

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Ethiopia – Cairo to Cape Town Expedition 2015

Locals say hello during a stop

21st October 2015 – Ethiopia has exceeded our expectations. The country is stunning, the people are very friendly and the riding is the best so far. Everyday seems to just get better with magnificent mountain passes, great twisties and terrific views. If it weren’t the endless stream of people walking along the road, it would […]

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2015 Cairo to Cape Town – Ethiopia

2015 Cairo to Cape Town Expedition at Lalibela

Our last day in Khartoum was spent sightseeing through some of the ancient wonders of the city. It was fascinating to learn about the rich history of Sudan. But the absolute highlight was the whirling dervishes performed during a tribal, almost trance like gathering by thousands of chanting people at sunset. This ancient ritual is […]

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2015 Cairo to Cape Town Part 2 – Egypt and Sudan


6 October 2015 We now are in Khartoum in Sudan after leaving Aswan in Egypt, about a week ago; it’s good to be out of Egypt and while the country has some of the most significant monuments and artifacts mankind has ever produced; such as Tutankhamen’s Tomb, Karnak Temple and of course the Pyramids, the current […]

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2015 Cairo to Cape Town Expedition Part 1

IMG_2197 copy

  Monday 28th September 2015 – Egypt Sitting back enjoying a cold beer overlooking the Valley of the Kings, here on the banks of the Nile, seems like a good time to reflect on the journey so far. Although it’s been less than a week, it seems like an eternity since we were at the […]

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Week 4 – Entering Russia!

Viewpoint on the Georgian Military Highway

  With our new plan to enter Abkhazia cemented we submitted our electronic Abkhazian entry permit applications that would take 3 days to be issued, we were all excited to be taking this detour through this unknown territory, that was until were received word that we CANNOT depart Abkhazia using a different border than the […]

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Week 3 – Turkish Delight and disaster strikes

The expeditioners near the Turkey Georgia Border

  Update from Week 3 of the Compass Expeditions London to Magadan – Road of Bones Expedition and disaster strikes! All adventures have challenges which must be overcome and on a 105 day expedition there will be more challenges than usual that need to be overcome. After some amazing riding through Turkey, great hospitality by […]

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South America 360 Motorcycle Expedition Press Release

All types of terrain will be covered during the 128 Day South America 360 Tour

COMPASS RELEASES OUR BIGGEST EXPEDITION  Compass Expeditions is excited to release the dates for the 2015 circumnavigation of the entire South American continent the 360 Expedition. Our 128 day, 33,000 km Expedition will depart Santiago, Chile on 21st Feb and return to Santiago, Chile on 28th Jun 2015.  “This is one of the biggest rides […]

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South America Bike Relocation Deal


So you’ve always wanted to ride in South America with friends but don’t want to do an organised motorcycle tour? We have a fantastic option for you… We have BMW F700GS that need to be relocated from La Paz, Bolivia through to Pucon in Chile over the course of 14 days. Bikes are available from […]

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Touratech Event


We have just returned from the wonderful Touratech Event held in and around Bright, Victoria over the weekend. It was a great event with that winning formula of great food, great accommodation but, most importantly, great riding. Some ecstatic riders claimed that the unexpected mud they encountered on the Sunday morning was some of the […]

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Official Touratech Partners


Compass Expeditions has had a long history with Touratech products and is pleased to announce that we are now Official Touratech Partners. Modern Adventure motorcycles are specifically designed to take you with confidence to parts of the world that inspire and challenge the rider.  With this enhanced freedom though it is more important than ever […]

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Last Minute 2014 London to Magadan: Road of Bones Spot Available


One last minute spot available on 2014 Road of Bones Tour: Due to injury a spot has become available on our epic 105 Day London to Magadan: Road of Bones Tour starting from London on the 20th of May and ending 28,500 kilometres away in Magadan on the 1st of September. This journey passes through […]

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The Beauty of the Dakar was the Backdrop

Dakar Beauty

  We’ve been watching the Dakar Rally and following the ups and downs with each update to see who had done especially well in a stage. Who had suffered a breakdown or crash damage and who was able to mount an epic comeback. It was fantastic to see Honda dominate at the start of the […]

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2 time Isle of Man winner Cameron Donald joining Otways Compass Weekend

2 time Isle of Man TT winner Cameron Donald

Compass Expeditions is pleased to announce that 2 time Isle of Man TT winner Cameron Donald will be joining us for the Compass Expeditions Weekend in the Otways National Park at the start of February. The annual event includes a BBQ and ride along the Great Ocean Road to the Otways National Park in Victoria […]

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Photo Contest in association with Touratech USA

Enter the Compass Expeditions Photo Competition to be in with the chance to win Touratech Vouchers

Do you have a Motorcycle Photo that screams Adventure? Do you have one amazing shot that makes you recall what it is like to be out there? Then send it in to the Compass Expeditions Photo Contest for the chance to win Touratech prizes To enter click the photo below or go to – Once […]

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Driven to Extremes

Driven to Extreme team in Siberia

Compass Expeditions are the world renown experts on travelling the Road of Bones, we were the first commercial motorcycle tour company to ever successfully complete this ride and have become known as leaders in this region. We were thrilled to be able to help Mac Mackenney of  in a very small way with his logistical requirements […]

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Free Tickets to Melbourne F1 Grand Prix

Charley Boorman - Motorcycle Enthusiast

Want a free General Admission ticket to the 2014 F1 race at Albert Park Melbourne? Easy. For all riders joining the Charley Boorman Tasmania and the High Country ride in February 2014 we shall give away a free GA pass to the Melbourne Formula 1. Why? Because Charley will be racing in it, well not […]

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Private Cambodia Motorcycle Tour Part 6

When the buses get started they are a menace

We were approached by a group of 6 friends who were looking to do a private week long motorcycle tour of Cambodia in November. They were looking for something a bit different and so we organised a trip with XR250s and a bit of adventure involved. Below is the sixth of the e-mails that were […]

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Private Cambodia Motorcycle Tour Part 5

Angkor Wat

We were approached by a group of 6 friends who were looking to do a private week long motorcycle tour of Cambodia in November. They were looking for something a bit different and so we organised a trip with XR250s and a bit of adventure involved. Below is the fifth of the e-mails that were […]

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Private Cambodia Motorcycle Tour Part 4

Not everyone is in a rush

We were approached by a group of 6 friends who were looking to do a private week long motorcycle tour of Cambodia in November. They were looking for something a bit different and so we organised a trip with XR250s and a bit of adventure involved. Below is the fourth of the e-mails that were […]

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Cambodia Private Motorcycle Tour Part 3

Meeting the locals

  We were approached by a group of 6 friends who were looking to do a private week long motorcycle tour of Cambodia in November. They were looking for something a bit different and so we organised a trip with XR250s and a bit of adventure involved. Below is the third of the e-mails that […]

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Private Cambodia Motorcycle Tour Part 2

Monks in Cambodia

We were approached by a group of 6 friends who were looking to do a private week long motorcycle tour of Cambodia in November. They were looking for something a bit different and so we organised a trip with XR250s and a bit of adventure involved. Below is the second of the e-mails that were […]

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Private Cambodia Motorcycle Tour Part 1


  We were approached by a group of 6 friends who were looking to do a private week long motorcycle tour of Cambodia in November. They were looking for something a bit different and so we organised a trip with XR250s and a bit of adventure involved. Below is the first of the e-mails that […]

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Patagonia Riding Season

Guanacos at Torres

With our Patagonia and Chile Motorcycle Tour season about to get underway in November we thought you might like a taste of what riders will be travelling through. Patagonia has to be one of the most visually stunning countries in South America wedged between the high Andes and the Pacific Ocean and this long, narrow […]

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Triumph Australia Motorcycle Adventures

Triumph Motorcycles

At last we can announce a new partnership between Triumph Australia and Compass Expeditions. Some months ago Triumph approached us to run some weekend and tour events on their behalf and we were thrilled to have a chance to develop, in conjunction with Triumph, some wonderful ride events. We are extremely proud that Triumph has […]

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Why we love riding in Bolivia

Bolivia gets a hold on you

If you’re considering an Adventure Motorcycling tour and wondering about the best place to go, let us tell you why we love riding in Bolivia. Bolivia is landlocked between Peru, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina and while this may make things difficult for the Bolivian navy, who are now stranded at one end of beautiful […]

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Charley Boorman to appear at Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Show

Charley Boorman - Motorcycle Enthusiast

    World-renowned motorcycle adventurer, Charley Boorman will be a special guest at the 2013 Sydney Motorcycle & Scooter Show, November 15-17, as part of his upcoming Australian shows on the Charley Boorman Live Tour. Charley, the star of the Long Way Round and Long Way Down motorcycle adventure series with great friend Ewan McGregor as well as Race to […]

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Charley Boorman Australia 2013/2014

Charley Boorman

  Charley Boorman, the son of acclaimed film director John Boorman has carved a career out of travel & adventure. He helped push open the door of motorcycle adventure travel with his classic TV show, Long Way Round accompanied by his great friend Ewan McGregor.  This was subsequently followed by numerous other big hits, including Race […]

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Notes from the Saddle – Australia Encompassed 2013 – Riding into Melbourne

Compass Expeditions - David and the BMW F800 GS during the Australia Encompassed Motorcycle tour 2013

Our 2013 Australia Encompassed Motorcycle Tour was a great success with the riders having enjoyed the ride through the heart of Australia. Read the final post from this year’s trip and enjoy the photos below….we would love to have you join us next year to see why the riders love it….   The Australian Encompassed […]

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Notes from the Saddle – Australia Encompassed 2013 – Flinders Ranges to Barossa Valley

Happy riders in the Flinders Ranges

Update for the Australia Encompassed Motorcycle Tour 2013 Leaving Marree we hit the pavement again, although only temporarily, until we reached the failed townsite of Farina, a settlement form last century and a stop on the original Ghan Railway. We continued onto the famous Prairie Hotel located at the foot of the Flinders Ranges at […]

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Notes from the Saddle – Australia Encompassed Motorcycle Tour 2013

The road from Coober Pedy to Oodnadatta

The Australia Encompassed Motorcycle Tour for 2013 is now on the homeward stretch and below is the update from Uluru (Ayers Rock) heading towards the Flinders Ranges. A lot has happened since our last post from Uluru. After another spectacular sunset over the rock the group rode out next morning for the biggest ride of […]

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Notes from the Saddle – Australia Encompassed 2013 – Ayers Rock

The Australia Encompassed 2013 Tour Group in front of Ayers Rock (Uluru)

The Australia Encompassed Motorcycle Tour group celebrate making it to beautiful Ayers Rock. This amazing tour is now halfway through…..who wants to join us next year? A relatively short ride saw the group arrive into the spectacular Wartarrka National Park that is best known for Kings Canyon, a few beers were enjoyed at the Thirsty […]

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Notes from the Saddle – Australia Encompassed 2013 – Hot Air Ballooning

The Australia Encompassed Motorcycle Tour riders step out of the saddle and take to the skies in a hot-air balloon

An update from the Saddle on our 2013 Australia Encompassed Motorcycle Tour. This week….hot air ballooning over the desert!! Some of the guys were up at 4.30 this morning but for a good reason, hot air ballooning over the MacDonnell Ranges. After being treated to a spectacular sunrise, where the skies caught fire momentarily, the […]

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Snow during Australia Motorcycle Rental

Australia Motorcycle Rental

  The Compass Expeditions Motorcycle Rental department recently had a group of Motorcycle Enthusiasts join us from Indonesia so that they could explore the roads and highways of Australia…..Some good video of the antics they got up to including riding up to the snow in Hotham. Hard to believe I know but yes, Australia does […]

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Notes from the Saddle – Australia Encompassed 2013 – Kakadu to Alice Springs

Riding through the termite mounds

Update from the Australia Encompassed Motorcycle Tour from Darwin to Melbourne: The team have just reached Alice Springs but not before enjoying the delights of the Mataranka Hot-springs located on the Roper River within the Elsey National Park, that name might ring a bell to those whose read the Australian classic “we of the Never […]

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Notes from the Saddle – Australia Encompassed 2013 – Darwin to Kakadu


Our 2013 Australia Encompassed tour is underway and this trip that runs from Darwin to Melbourne passes through some of the most spectacular terrain on the planet. This year the group is full of characters and the trip has benefitted from some good weather so far…below we have the first instalment of what is happening on the […]

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Simon Pavey Rider Training


We have just completed our inaugural off road training weekend and 5 day ride out with Dakar legend Simon Pavey in the stunning South Australian Flinders Ranges. The training trip was a spectacular success but don’t take our word for it have a look at what some clients are saying!!!   “There are not enough […]

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South America Crew

Danny´s - Freeday ride to Salinas Grandes

The new Compass Expeditions crew for South America are settled in to the role now so we thought we would let you know a little about who they are. We started with crew training in Brazil back in June for a group of people who had contacted us and who seemed to fit the bill […]

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Enjoy the video from the 2nd Southbank Sortie Tour


Check out the video that we created from the 2nd Southbank Sortie motorcycle tour that Compass Expeditions ran in conjunction with Southbank Motorcycles in Melbourne.   We had a fantastic group of BMW R1200GS, F800GS and F700GS  riders along to explore the hills and trails of Lerderderg State Park, Wombat State Forest, Brisbane Ranges National […]

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Last Minute Relocation Deal – Nazca, Peru – Santiago, Chile


  Incredible South America Motorcycle Relocation Deal 4 friends fancy an incredible journey?? Who wants to ride an F 650 GS in South America from Nazca, Peru to Santiago, Chile? Compass Expeditions has 4 x F 650 GS that are to be relocated to Santiago to be sold upon arrival as we have new  motorcycles […]

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Simon Pavey Off-Road Training

Compass Expeditions Support vehicle and some of the R 1200 GS loaded for Simon Pavey rider training in the Flinders Ranges

7 time Dakar finisher Simon Pavey has joined Mick and Veronica from Compass Expeditions this weekend with his team of instructors to give some off-road rider training to some lucky riders in the beautiful Flinders Ranges, Australia. The training covers many integral parts of adventure riding such as improving your braking on uneven and slippery […]

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Calne Bike Meet

Sam Manicom entertains vistors at the Calne Bike Meet

Every year Calne, Wiltshire in the United Kingdom hosts the largest free motorcycle meet in Europe. Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts come from far and wide to attend, listen to the bands, visit the stalls, support the sponsors and have a great weekend camping with a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts.   This year our very own […]

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Notes from the Saddle 2: Serra do Rio Rastro and Iguazu Falls


Jerry has been in Brazil with our new guides on the 2013 South America Coast to Coast Motorcycle Tour which travels from the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro on the Atlantic and ends 42 days later in Lima, Peru on the Pacific Coast. The day started out with the typical morning fog but once […]

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2014 Road of Bones Route

2014 Road of Bones new route

Mick has now successfully researched a new route through Europe for the 2014 Road of Bones Expedition. “This is a new and exciting route that takes in some of Europe’s finest and most renown regions” says Mick from his hotel in Austria! We have completely changed the European section of this motorcycle expedition that now travels to one of […]

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2013 BMW R 1200 GS Available for Rent

The new BMW R1200 GS looking beautiful in Phillip Island

Compass Expeditions became the first Adventure Motorcycle Tour company to offer the 2013 BMW R 1200 GS as part of its Australia Motorcycle Rental fleet with the purchase of two of BMW’s latest addition to the famous world conquering GS brand. We have received quite a few reservations already from people wanting to be some […]

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Notes from the Saddle – South America Coast to Coast Ride 2013

Sunset from the beachside Pousada

It was looking to be a rainy start to the 7,700 km South America Coast to Coast 2013 tour which kicked off in Rio but a blessing from above Corcovado (Christ the Redeemer) saw the rain clouds lift and we were given stunning views from both Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer. Arriving to our ride base […]

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New Road of Bones Route for 2014

Stunning vistas during the Road of Bones new route research

With the BMW Days over Mick is now researching a new and improved route through Europe that will form a very small part of our classic London to Magadan Road of Bones Expedition for 2014. Mick has just ridden the incredible Grossglockner in Austria, a landscape of utterly stunning beauty through the Alps. With 45kms […]

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Compass Expeditions at BMW Motorrad Days 2013

Chris Pfeiffer entertains the BMW Motorrad Days crowd with his stunt riding

We have just wrapped up another hugely successful event at the incredible BMW Motorrad Days 2013 in the stunning Bavarian town of Garmisch – Partenkirchen, Germany. An estimated 35,000 BMW riders attended this 3 day event which is the biggest BMW rally on earth. We were very pleased with the interest in our tours from […]

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Compass Expeditions Crew Training in Brazil

The new crew members get straight into the South America Coast to Coast Tour

  Stage one of the new Compass Expeditions crew training is now complete. We have moved from the classroom into the field so to speak. All applicants proved to be remarkable and it was an extremely tough decision to decide who to keep and who to let go, so tough in fact that we have […]

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Compass Expeditions Crew Training

Dinner in Penedo, Brazil with staff and trainees.

  June 2013 – Compass Expeditions Motorcycle Tours cover the globe and that requires good capable crew and ride leaders who work well together, are mechanically able, knowledgeable in first aid, confident and, probably most importantly, have a good sense of humour.It is a tough job but definitely has its rewards and many of our […]

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Interview with Charley Boorman

Charley Boorman

Charley Boorman leads Australia tours with Compass Expeditions In early 2013 Motorcycle Adventurer Charley Boorman led two fantastic tours with motorcycle tour experts Compass Expeditions that were a huge success. The first tour was called Sydney to the Outback and was an amazing 10 day ride passing through the Blue Mountains, Broken Hill, Flinder Ranges […]

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Lois Pryce women only tour


Click to visit the Lois Pryce Website Lois is going to be leading our Tassie Devilettes womans only ride in November and she is quite the legend….in 2003 Lois left her job at the BBC and decided that the time was right to travel the length of the Americas, from Alaska to Ushuaia. There was only […]

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Atacama to Machu Picchu Tour Photos – APRIL 2013

Robert and Lynda Hargreaves on the San Pedro de Atacama to Ollague Road

Here are some photos from our April Compass Expeditions – Atacama to Machu Picchu Motorbike tour, courtesy of Rob and Lynda Hargreaves. There are some fantastic shots in here taken as the tour rode through some of the most spectacular scenery on earth for a motorbike ride. The journey started with the gateway to the […]

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Peru and Bolivia

Llama crossing, Bolivia

Is there any continent in the world more suited to motorcycle touring than South America? Compass Expeditions would argue that it’s Highlights of Peru Tour that has its members ride F650gs BMW motorcycles from Lima, Peru to La Paz, Bolivia and vice versa has to be one of the most fantastic cultural and scenic motorbike […]

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What is Patagonia?

Beautiful photo of one of our  BMW F650 GS motorcycles in Patagonia, Chile

  What is Patagonia? Patagonia is putting things into perspective, it is that moment when you suddenly realize you have been sitting, staring blankly at a mountain bedecked in the purple light of dusk, It is vast swathes of green, brown, wind-swept tussock, trees and sky, it is water is all its forms – glacial […]

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Welcome to Compass Expedition

Group in front of Ayres Rock

Compass Expeditions is an Adventure Motorcycle Tour company that provides some of the most amazing experiences, expeditions, rentals and customised trips through Australia, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa aboard our fleet of BMW motorcycles. Mission We believe that exploring by motorcycle has to be one of the most incredible ways to experience the terrain […]

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