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What is Patagonia?


Beautiful photo of one of our  BMW F650 GS motorcycles in Patagonia, Chile

Beautiful photo of one of our BMW F650 GS motorcycles in Patagonia, Chile

What is Patagonia?
Patagonia is putting things into perspective,
it is that moment when you suddenly realize you have been sitting, staring blankly at a mountain bedecked in the purple light of dusk,
It is vast swathes of green, brown, wind-swept tussock, trees and sky,
it is water is all its forms – glacial ice, deep, dark lakes and clinging mist,
it is Guanacos, condors, dolphins, seals, penguins, Albatross and raw nature living meal by meal,
it is open roads that weave across plains and hint at epic destinations,
it is a mountain looking over it all as silent witness and suggesting a challenge,
it is wind flapping the material of your jacket,
it is the story of past human history dating back to 12,500 BC,
it is a cave with the painted outlines of ancient hands dating back 10,000 years waving to us through time,
it is history and legacy of travellers like Megellan, Drake, Gamboa and Che Guevara and maybe yourself,
it is epic,
it is magic,
it is a photographers dream,
it is riding purity,
it is adventure and it is reachable.

We love it and National Geographic put it on the list of top 50 tours of a lifetime.

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Compass Expeditions tour included in the National Geographic's "Top 50 tours of a lifetime" list.

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