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Imagine gazing over an advancing glacier in Patagonia, completing the Road of Bones, departing the great pyramids of Egypt bound for Capetown, all on the latest BMW motorcycles.

It’s a great life, being a ride leader and/or support vehicle driver, however it can be one of the most demanding jobs around, anyone who has dealt with the public will tell you this but seeing the world can also be most rewarding.

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Compass Expeditions is a successful global motorcycle tour company with an ever expanding tour list and therefore are always in need of quality crew.

Our clients are our absolute number one concern, and we can only employ the very best. We expect potential crew to successfully complete a rigorous training process before being offered employment.


Some of the Owners of Compass Expeditions have previously run training trips for some of the world’s leading touring companies and as such are very experienced in identifying quality staff.

Are you prepared to make the following commitments?

  • 1. Participate in a number of actual running tours that will form part of your training
  • 2. Pay for all costs associated with getting to the start point
  • 3. Contribute a nominal amount for the training trip
  • 4. Speak or learn to speak Spanish
  • 5. Be prepared to commit to a 12 month contract


Do you possess the following attributes

  • 1. Motorcycle mechanical aptitude
  • 2. Previous overland travel experience
  • 3. Medical Training
  • 4. Most importantly, a great personality and sense of humour and tolerance
  • 5. Habla Espanol

If the answer is yes to ALL of the above then contact us at

We feel it is of critical importance that we have the best crew working for us, showing our valued clients the ride of their lives. While these requirements may seem somewhat demanding it helps us choose the best, eliminating time wasters, thus ensuring that when our clients book a Compass Expeditions tour they will know that their crew are the best around.

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In closing, this isn’t the opportunity for a cheap ride but an intensive training course that will be both difficult and at times, trying. Working for Compass Expeditions will be one of the best decisions you will ever make, join us for this exciting career move.

Footnote: We are constantly deluged with applications to work for us, when a position does come available a staggering 95% of applicants change their mind and cannot commit to the training trip for a plethora of reasons, PLEASE be very sure that you REALLY DO want a job when applying for one. A 12 month commitment means 12 months. It is an industry wide standard to ask that all trainees pay a nominal amount toward their training, otherwise companies such as ours would go broke very quickly training dozens of people who simply have a free ride and leave. We have lost count on how many times this has happened to us and we simply do not have the human resources to constantly go through the lengthy process of dealing with people who are “desperate” for the job only for the applicant to pull out at the 11th hour. Finally if you want to apply for a job please don’t make us do the work for you, a 5 word email demanding more info is not a good start! Please take the time to put together a decent enquiry.



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Compass Expeditions tour included in the National Geographic's "Top 50 tours of a lifetime" list.

Our rewards program is available to all riders and co-riders.

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