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Iconic South America

Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru

This extraordinary ride takes us from the shores of the Atlantic to the high plateau of the Altiplano and to the Incan capital, Cusco. From the “cidade maravilhosa” (marvelous city) of Rio, to the world’s greatest waterfalls, isolated deserts, snow capped volcanoes, legendary Incan ruins and the hauntingly beautiful Altiplano. A highlight of this extraordinary motorbike ride is an excursion to the incredibly stunning, otherworldly and remote Salar de Uyuni

35 days: June

Difficulty: Challenging

Comfort: Various

From:   $12920

Atacama to Machu Picchu

Chile, Bolivia & Peru

A superb ride beginning in Santiago and following the amazing Chilean coastline and crossing the wonderous Atacama Desert before riding up into the Andes and culminating at the iconic Machu Picchu

16 days: April

Difficulty: Fit

Comfort: Various

From:   $6890

Los Andes

Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina & Brazil

One of our best selling motorcycle tours that takes in some of the very best of South America. This Motorbike ride ends in Foz Do Iguazu (with an included flight to Rio) and takes in the extraordinary Salar de Uyuni, La Paz, the lofty Lake Titikaka, Cusco and the nearby Machu Picchu

23 days: April

Difficulty: Challenging

Comfort: Various

From:   $8800

Kyrgyzstan Explorer


A landscape of towering mountains, lush alpine valleys, glaciers and lakes Kyrgyzstan is the ultimate bikers destination. Kyrgyzstan is a nation of incredible untouched natural beauty and is home to the worlds second largest freshwater lake and some of the finest remote mountain riding in the world. We stay in Gers atop lonely remote Jailoo’s (summer pastures) or scenically located high altitude lakes. Often described as some of the finest riding on earth, Kyrgyzstan offers a new and very unique riding destination. Join us on this ride of Silk Road legends and legendary landscapes

14 days: July

Difficulty: Fit

Comfort: Various

From:   $5200

Peru Adventure


Ride with Jo Rust as she visits Peru, a country of legendary antiquities, cities of gold, lofty mountain passes and remote riding where you can eyeball Condors, give way to herds of Llamas and skittish Vicunas and Cuy. Take a plane & boat deep into the Amazon and be amazed by the bio-diversity of this incredible destination. Descend from massive sand dunes on a sand board and sail around the Peru’s answer to the Galapagos Islands, Isla Ballestas. Peru is an action packed bikers destination and this is a great chance to visit this exciting country with world adventurer, Jo Rust

16 days / 17 nights: August

Difficulty: Fit

Comfort: Various

From:   $6960

Patagonia Explorer

Chile & Argentina

Patagonia is a land filled with dramatic scenery, a world of vast blue skies, deep blue glaciers and towering snow capped peaks. This motorcycle tour to the very end of the world at Tierra del Fuego will be some of the finest biking moments of your life. Patagonia will leave you awestruck; we consider this vast land to possibly be the most scenic ride in the world

18 Days / 19 Nights: November, January & February

Difficulty: Challenging

Comfort: Various

From:   $8490

Southern Lakes Explorer

Argentina and Chile

Ride amongst snow capped glaciated volcanos that tower over verdant hills and pristine lakes, stay in superbly located lakeside accommodation and enjoy traditional Argentine Asado. This ride shall take in some of Chile and Argentina’s finest scenery as we enjoy ancient forests, emerald/deep blue lakes and superb mountain scenery on this wonderful nine day tour of the Chilean Lakes district and Argentina’s epic seven Lakes ride

9 days: January

Difficulty: Fit

Comfort: Various

From:   $4790

Complete Cambodia


This is exotic Cambodia revealed, from the small, graceful city of Phnom Penh with its historical Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda, saffron clad Monks and the charm and chaos of everyday life on the banks of the mighty Mekong River to the stunning and ancient temples of Angkor Wat. This is the ultimate motorcycle tour of Cambodia, join us to see why falling in love with Cambodia is so easy…

13 Days: February

Difficulty: Challenging

Comfort: Various

From:   $4301

The Road of Bones: London to Magadan

London throught to Magadan, Russia

This evocative journey covers a quarter of the earth’s surface as we ride from the bustling, vibrant city of London to one of the most remote towns on earth, Magadan. Blazing deserts, inland seas, mighty mountains, stunning Islamic architecture and a vastness nobody thought could still exist in today’s world greet us as we ride these ancient trade routes. Our last challenge is the infamous “Road of Bones” officially, the Kolyma Highway, this incredible ride travels over a thousand kilometres through the mountains to Magadan, on the Sea of Okhotsk

105 days: May

Difficulty: Extreme

Comfort: Various

From:   $30990

Cairo to Capetown

Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and More

The diverse and rugged continent that has drawn explorers and adventurers the world over for centuries. Become part of the adventure as we ride from the bustling, ancient city of Cairo to the exotic, far Cape. When you reach South Africa you will barely be able to comprehend the diversity of scenery and experiences that make up this breathtaking adventure

80 Days: March

Difficulty: Challenging

Comfort: Various

From:   $25990

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