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Melbourne Motorcycle Rental/Hire



For more information about each state, including motorcycle highlights, weather, best time to travel, just click the State on the interactive map and you’ll find the answers.


Motorcycle Rental in Melbourne in the state of Victoria will give you access to some of the best year-round motorbike riding conditions and destinations in Australia.

Whether you are planning to rent a motorcycle for a multi-week adventure of the whole of Australia or just wanting to fit in a few days aboard a motorbike during your holiday, starting or ending your motorbike hire in Melbourne quickly puts you in reach of many of Victoria’s most spectacular scenic wonders.

The Grampians National Park and The Great Ocean Road to the West, the small gold-rush towns of Castlemaine, Daylesford and Echuca with its paddle-steamer to the north. To the North-east The Great Alpine Road begins just before the town of Bright and then weaves its way through the Victoria Highcountry down to Lake Entrance in Gippsland on the South Coast. Each corner of Victoria offers something slightly different and combining this with the cultural capital of Melbourne with its cafes, markets, fantastic and varied restaurants, music scene and lively streets makes Melbourne a fantastic place to begin your Australia motorcycle adventure.


Melbourne Motorcycle Rental collection points

Compass Expeditions has its base in Melton, Victoria, which is located approximately 30 minutes to the west of the Melbourne CBD. There are several options for collecting your motorcycle rental:

Video courtesy of Mika Rekola who enjoyed
a Melbourne Motorcycle Rental in 2014

The first option is to collect the motorbike from our office, which is easily reached on the V-Line Train line that departs from Southern Cross station in the Melbourne CBD. The relaxing journey takes 30 minutes and quickly passes out of the city and into rural areas before arriving at Melton. We meet you at the station with our Compass Expeditions support vehicle and this is also a great option if you are also wanting to rent motorcycle riding safety gear such as helmets, riding jacket or trousers, gloves, etc. What is the other advantage of beginning your hire here? The quieter roads around Melton give you a perfect opportunity to become acquainted with your new motorbike and to get a feel for it without having to begin your ride in the Melbourne city where there are trams and there is a lot of traffic.

Second option if you do want to begin your motorcycle hire in Melbourne is for us to deliver the motorbike to any of the hotels in the CBD, to BMW Motorcycles Southbank or possibly to another address on request. Just let us know where you will be staying and your collection time and we’ll make sure that the motorbike is delivered to you so you can start out straight from your hotel.

Where to Ride in Melbourne regionMotorcycle Rental Melbourne

Without doubt Victoria offers some of the very best options for motorcycle riding and the variety of scenery, tracks and geological features are all located just a short distance from the heart of Melbourne or from our Depot in Melton. Below is an introduction to the various highlights but be warned! Once you delve into the roads and tracks of Victoria you’ll find that you’ll want to come back time and time again to explore new routes and explore this entire state.

Weather in Victoria

Melbourne is a fantastic place to rent a motorcycle year round but it has definite seasons and so it is important to know what to expect at various times of the year. The peak summer months are December, January and February where the temperatures can exceed 40 degrees Celcius (104 F) but generally will remain in the high 20s and 30s. The beaches and Great Ocean Road are very busy at these times of the year but this is with good reason as the coastline is at its best.

The Highcountry is warm and dry most of the summer months and so its a great time to tackle the Great Alpine Road or to explore the tracks and trails of the forests and state parks.

Winter in Victoria brings cooler weather and around Melbourne especially you can experience four seasons in one day so if you are planning on riding during the winter months of May, June, July, August and September be prepared with motorbike ride gear with removable liners. Snow does fall in the Victoria Highcountry during June, July and August which can cause roads to be blocked off for safety so remember to check the roads frequently so that you can plan ahead during these months. The rest of Victoria doesn’t really receive snow but there can be cool nights and some winds.

This is still a great time to explore Melbourne and its surroundings during your motorcycle rental or to visit as part of an around Australia motorbike adventure and the mountains of the Highcountry are incredibly beautiful at all times of the year. When there has been a bit of rain and the ground is alive and green it is more stunning still.

The Great Ocean Road

Rent a motorcycle from Compass Expeditions to ride The Great Ocean RoadBuilt between 1919 and 1932 the Great Ocean Road is an incredible 243 kilometre weaving ribbon of tarmac that follows every curve and undulation of Victoria’s splendid southern coastline. With just one lane in each direction and with each corner revealing ever more spectacular vistas, the Great Ocean Road is a must do for every rider during your motorcycle rental.

From the center of Melbourne to Torquay, which marks the official beginning of the GOR, is 100 kilometres more or less, and from the moment you ride beneath the Memorial Arch you know that you are about to experience something special. Riding westwards you find the tumbling waves of the Southern Ocean washing up on sandy beaches with headlands dividing the beaches from one another. The road rises and falls as it hugs the coastline and on the left are often cliffs that drop down to the waters beneath. On the right side of the road the hills climb up, often steeply, and become the Otways National Park (more information on the Otways can be found below).

Along the route there are the beach towns of Anglesea, Lorne, Apollo Bay and Port Campbell, which offer great stops for snacks and for rests as well as accommodation if you really want to take your time.

The area just before Port Campbell heading west is by far the most touristic part of the route as the Limestone cliffs and formations form the Twelve Apostles, The Grotto, The London Arch and others and the road narrows and is enveloped on both sides by tussock and native plants.

From Port Campbell riders often choose to ride northwards and head inland towards the Grampians National Park or to double back towards Melbourne via the Otways National Park and surrounding forests.

Great Otways National ParkOtways National Park

Also known as The Otways or the Otways Ranges, this incredible area is located adjacent to the Great Ocean Road and the forested area is fantastic to explore on our off-road ready BMW motorcycles.

Many of the roads through this area are dirt/gravel and wind up, over and around hills with lush, green forest on either side. There are plenty of waterfalls to find and several 4wd tracks that crisscross the area offering the full gambit of surfaces. You’ll find muddy sections in winter, sandy stretches closer to the beach, pebbles, bumps and challenging sections if you are looking for them. There are also well-known tarmac roads that weave through the trees and open up on to incredible vistas of the ocean. You’ll also find Koalas sitting in trees around Otway Lighthouse Road.

Grampians National Park

A couple of hours north of here you find the sandstone ranges that are the backbone of the fantastic Grampians National Park. This area is a mecca for walking and hiking with plenty of waterfalls (in winter) and vertical cliffs with amazing viewpoints. The main area for accommodation is Halls Gap and there are campsites throughout the park. The quieter campsites are located in the middle of the park but offer limited facilities. Throughout the park you’ll find some great dirt roads for riding on the motorcycle, small streams and a vast area alive with Kangaroos, Emu, Wallaby and wombats so watch out if riding in the evening!

Mount William in the Grampians National Park

Castlemaine, Echuca

Heading east from The Grampians you’ll find many smaller Gold Rush era towns, some of which have been preserved well. While the riding may not be as spectacular through this portion there are some roads, which are really nice to weave your way along. Then history of the area is interesting and these days many of the smaller towns have great cafes, bars, restaurants, orchards, etc. The towns north of Melbourne increasingly are home to small microbreweries and wineries.

Great Alpine Road – Best during Spring, Summer or AutumnMount Hotham, Victoria High Country

This is undoubtedly one of the best areas for riding in Victoria and, as it is located a short distance from Melbourne to the East, it tends to be one of the most popular areas that people choose to explore during a motorbike hire starting in Melbourne. The 300 km road itself starts around Myrtleford and weaves up and over mountains, through valleys and forests and alongside rivers and reservoirs until ending around Bairnsdale to the south. It is the highest road in Australia that is accessible all year round although during the winter months sections can be closed due to snowfall. The message here is that you need to pick when to do this ride as obviously during the cold winter months it can become problematic. The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives in the area if you are more flexible and the off-road riding is some of the best in the state.

Victoria Highcountry

This is adventure motorcycle riding paradise set amongst the beautiful mountains and trails around the region of Bright, Victoria and stretching through to just East of Melbourne. There are literally thousands of kilometres of dirt trails and gravel roads that can range from relatively gentle through to very challenging on an adventure motorcycle. You can find inspiring scenery and great riding no matter what your skill level is through this region and there are plenty of small towns to find accommodation and food in the evening.

Tracks include single track options, 4×4 paths, creek and river crossings, and take you from deep in the valleys right up to the most incredible lookouts over the ski-fields and national parks in the region. Simply plan out a route and head off with a group of friends for an Adventure motorbike ride or combine it as part of a Melbourne to Sydney motorcycle rental. You won’t regret it.

Phillip Island Moto GP

Around 2 hours south of Melbourne lies one of Australia’s hearts of motorcycle racing. Phillip Island located on the edge of Bass Strait is beautiful place to ride to during your Melbourne motorbike rental. The island has a small community in Cowes that is welcoming and it is a pure pleasure to explore this small island by motorcycle and swim in the crashing waves. Penguin colonies are located on the south eastern corner and a Koala Conservation Centre are open for visitors but the main attraction is the annual Phillip Island Moto GP that happens in October. Each year huge numbers of motorcyclists converge on Phillip Island carrying tents and supplies or rent out holiday cottages for the week of festivities, practice, qualification and the main race on the Sunday. Its a festival of sound, smells, tastes and all overlooking the beautiful southern ocean which surely makes Phillip Island one of the most picturesque motorcycle tracks in the world. Contact Compass Expeditions in advance to secure your motorbike rental to ride down and attend the Phillip Island Moto GP and be a part of this fantastic week.




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