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Perth Motorcycle Rental/Hire

HIre a motorcycle from Perth

For more information about each state, including motorcycle highlights, weather, best time to travel, just click the State on the interactive map and you’ll find the answers.


Perth is the capital of Western Australia and it’s hard to find the words to describe the beauty of this incredible state. A Perth motorcycle rental instantly gives you access to some of the most incredible adventure riding and scenery that Australia has to offer. Beautiful beaches, wine regions, vast native forests, fantastic geological features, ancient human history, National Parks, Marine reserves, coral reefs and the golden Outback provides plenty to see and experience during your Perth motorbike hire.


Perth Motorbike Rental Collection Points

Compass Expeditions offers the opportunity to rent a BMW motorcycle when booked in advance to be collected from a Perth location, Western Australia. It is a short taxi ride from most central Perth Hotels or the airport. A motorbike rental beginning or ending in Perth require a one way fee to be paid, but get in contact via e-mail because we may have a motorbike already located in Perth at the time you are interested in, which could mean that a one way fee is not necessary.

Where to ride in the Perth, Western Australia RegionWestern Australia Map

Hiring a motorbike in Perth quickly gives you access to some beautiful National Parks, beaches and provides a fantastic start point for an around Australia Motorcycle Adventure or one way journeys such as a Perth to Melbourne Motorbike hire.

Below you will find more information about some incredible areas to ride during your Western Australia Motorcycle adventure.

Weather in Western Australia 

Perth is blessed with comfortable weather year round. Summer is hot and dry with very little rain during the months of October through until April. Maximum temperatures can exceed 40 degrees Celcius (104 F) during February especially but temperatures generally range from 18 to 30 degrees Celcius (64 F – 88F).

If you don’t like heat then the autumn/spring months of April, September and October are generally considered to be the best with temperatures ranging between around 13 – 25 degrees Celcius (55 – 77 F).

There can be occasional thunderstorms during the summer but these tend to move on quickly. The winter months of May, June, July and August are also the wetter months but it is still a very beautiful place to visit. It can get cool at night during these months with average temperatures dropping down.

Northern parts of Western Australia offers two distinct weather patterns throughout the year. The summer months of November to April is also the wet season with most rain falling in heavy downpours in the late afternoon/early evening. The Kimberley and Pilbara therefore has running water and full swimming holes during these months so it is a time when there is plenty of wildlife enjoying new growth. Its a time of incredible thunder and lightening shows in the evening and can also mean that several of the roads can be closed off to traffic. It is important to check with local authorities about road closures as fines can be hefty. The winter months of May – November is the best time to explore the north of Western Australia by motorcycle. This is the dry season and temperatures are generally a comfortable 20 – 30 degrees Celcius (68 – 86 F). Roads like the Gibb River road open up though there may still be rivers that require crossing, especially at the early part of the season. Temperatures in the desert can fall to near freezing during the night though so it is important to plan accordingly. The winter months are considered the best time for Perth to Darwin motorcycle rentals or vice versa.

Hire a motorcycle from Perth to discover WA Wonders


Perth is a truly fantastic city to spend time in and represents a cross roads between vibrant city life and stunning natural surroundings. It is Australia’s sunniest capital city and encourages a relaxed outdoors lifestyle with the chance to enjoy some of the country’s most beautiful natural features.

The centre of the city is not too large with plenty to see and do and the river that flows through it creates many great areas to run, cycle or relax overlooking the water.

To the east lies the Perth Hills are stunning teeming with wildlife and with jagged granite cliff-faces, waterfalls and considerable tree coverage.

Swan Valley

If you enjoy wine then the Swan Valley is a great area to explore. Located 30 minutes inland from Perth, the area was praised by Captain James Stirling in his journal in 1827 for its richness of soil and the bright foliage of the shrubs. It was in fact unusually fertile ground compared to other parts of the region and today boasts not only multiple wineries but also cheese producers, restaurants, cafes, microbreweries, chocolatiers, olive groves and orchards.


Fremantle has a rich maritime history and today still has an active harbor and a more active nightlife amid the bars and cafes of the area. Its a great place to visit during your time in Perth. Check out the Little Creatures brewery for some great evening views out over the water.

Rottnest Island

A short high-speed ferry ride will take you from Freemantle or Perth to this stunning island where vehicles are no permitted. At only 11 kilometers in length and about 4 km wide it is travelled mainly by foot or on rented bicycle. Beautiful white sand beaches, clear waters and the famous marsupials called the Quokka which inhabit the island makes this a great get away for a day off the motorcycle.

Motorcycling in South Western Australia

Rent a motorcycle and visit Esperance

Margaret River, Albany and Esperance

If you ride the motorcycle to the South of Perth you quickly enter into a land of outstanding natural beauty with beautiful white sand beaches, small bays and inlets and rolling hills. This part of Australia is a mecca for surfers, fishermen and explorers and the marine life is plentiful. It’s a great place to take your time and enjoy the riding and scenery of the area and there are many places to stop along the way to break up the journey.

Busselton probably makes a good place to stop and take a break or spend a night even just to walk out to the end of the huge jetty, which stretches 1.8 km out into the sea. A great place for fishing it is also a good walk and at the end there is the added bonus of an Underwater Observatory, which gives you access to the ocean floor via stairs or a lift. It’s worth experiencing the view from 8 meters beneath the surface. From September to December there is also a good chance of spotting humpback whales and their calves in the bay enjoying the calm waters. North of Busselton in Bunbury there is a history of friendly dolphin encounters and it is possible to swim with them if you wish.

Rent a motorcycle to visit Margaret River

Margaret River is the wine region of West Australia with world-class restaurants to compliment the wine selection. It is a small town with a focus on local produce and prides itself on its wine tasting, microbreweries, cheese producers and is a great base to explore the region. Lake and Mammoth Caves offer a glimpse below the surface of this ancient continent and the tall Karri trees of the region offer the chance to perceive it from a different perspective. With Margaret River only 7 km from the beach, this place is a must visit area whilst on your motorbike journey.

Pemberton and The Valley of the GiantsDave Evans Bicentennial Tree

Heading east from Margaret River on the motorcycle will bring you to a land of giant trees in the form of the Karri. These trees can grow over 80 meters tall making it the third tallest type of tree in the world and so this region gives the best opportunity to see them up close. The whole area is covered with National Parks so it is entirely possible to hit the dirt roads on one of our Western Australia motorcycle rentals and explore the forest at your own pace. Camp-grounds exist through the region.

There are three giant Karri trees that the public is able to climb, two of which were formerly used as fire watchtowers. They are all located around the town of Pemberton and the trees themselves have iron rods placed into the tree, which can then be climbed in a spiral around the trunk of the tree. There is no real safety feature aside from the metal fencing wire on the outside of the rods to help prevent falling off the edge of the rods.

Gloucester Tree is only 2 km from the center of Pemberton and allows you to climb to a height of 61 metres while the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree allows climbers to reach 75 metres above the ground to offer 360 degree views over the Karri Forest.

Further east in Walpole is the Valley of the Giants Treetop walk which is more suitable to those who want to see the tops of the trees but aren’t so thrilled by the idea of climbing up metal rods to get there.

Albany and Esperance

Further around the coast to the East are some of the most stunning white beaches on the planet. Crystal clear waters, dotted with small rock outcrops and occasional sunbathing kangaroos makes this location quite unique. Every trip to the region should include some time at Esperance.

Wave Rock and Mulka’s CaveHyden Wave Rock

While Wave Rock is technically in the Golden Outback rather than the South West it does combine well with a trip that passes through Esperance.

About 4 hours northwest of Esperance heading back towards Perth lies Hyden, Western Australia. Just outside is Wave Rock, which is a 110 metre long granite face which resembles a large wave appearing to rise up 15 metres and ready to crash down onto a beach. It has become a popular stop-off and with Mulka’s Cave just along the road it makes for a good visit to break up the trip. According to Aboriginal legend, Mulka was a cross-eyed man of huge stature who was not a good hunter due to his visual issues. He retreated to this cave and apparently captured and ate small children becoming quite the menace to the area. A giant handprint is said to still be on the wall from Mulka.


Western Australia’s Coral Coast

This coast represents some of the most beautiful areas of Australia and a motorcycle rental from Perth to Darwin could be a life changing experience for you. Stunning, turquoise waters, friendly dolphins, living fossils, Whale Sharks, turtles, coral reefs, marine reserves and lots more fantastic experiences that you can reach by motorbike.

The Pinnacles

Starting just 2 and a bit hours north of Perth we have the Pinnacles, the limestone spires that extend out of the sand dunes and were made world famous by the comedian Billy Connolly, who danced through the Pinnacles naked as part of his Around Australia journey and TV series. There are a few theories as to how these splendid structures were created but the experts are yet to decide on which theory is correct.

Motorcycle rental from Perth to Darwin

Shark Bay and Monkey Mia

Ride your motorcycle a further 5 hours or so north, along the Coral Coast and you will reach the stunning Shark Bay World Heritage Area that covers some 2.2 million hectares of both sea and land. This beautiful area features huge sand dunes, rocky limestone cliffs and turquoise lagoons, all along some 1500km of coastline. It is an area alive with plant and animal life as well as active marine life.

Shark Bay is home to one of the world’s most diverse collections of Stomatolites and the only other living marine examples are in The Bahamas. Built by single cell bacteria, these rock like structures are similar to those found 3.5 billion years ago and form a vital part of the marine fossil record. These living fossils helped to give scientists an understanding of life on earth before the evolution of more complex life-forms.

Some of those more complex life-forms today that call this area home are Dugong, various turtle species, Whale Shark, Humpback Whale as well as many threatened species which are being helped on the outlying islands through conservation efforts.

Monkey Mia has had a particular attraction for visitors for some time now due to pods of Bottlenose Dolphin, which come into the shallow waters of the beach to be handfed each morning. This began in the 1960s and continued each morning since then.

Coral Bay and Ningaloo Marine Park

Coral Bay marks the access point to the Ningaloo Marine Park, which is home to one of the world’s largest fringing reefs and Marine Reserves.  Access is very simple in many cases with boat trips heading out to various sites as well as the possibility of simply stepping off the beach and exploring with a snorkel and mask.

April and June are the best months of the year for those with an interest in swimming with the giant Whale Shark. They visit this area to feed on plankton and krill and you’ll also see Manta Ray, Dolphin, humpback whales and turtles through the area. This is around 1200 km north of Perth.

Rent a motorcycle to explore the Gibb River Rd

Western Australia’s North West

The Pilbara and Kimberley remain some of the world’s most remote and wild areas offering some truly spectacular motorcycle experiences. The fantastic 80 mile beach of Broome, vast National Parks, the curiously named Bungle Bungles and the rocky, wind carved gorges of the National Parks provide ample area to explore by motorbike.

Kirijini National ParkRent a motorcycle to the Bungle Bungles

The spectacular area is a natural beauty with thousands of rock pools that make for great swimming pools set within ancient 2 billion year old gorges and rock faces. This is a great area for hikes off the motorcycle, for really getting out into true nature and for witnessing untouched Australia. There are many camping options and you might want to consider renting one of our Outback Kits with tent, cooker, etc to get the most out of the area and to be able to sleep under the stars. Take some shoes for clambering over the rocks, some sunscreen and some swimwear because there’s no way you won’t be diving in here.

Bungle Bungles 

North East of Halls Creek lies the Purnululu National Park, known also as the Bungle Bungle Range, which lay relatively undiscovered until 1983. Looking somewhat like bee hives with alternating black and orange layers of sandstone and other sedimentary rock, this striking geological feature was created approximately 350 million years ago. Access is by 4 X 4 track only and only at certain times of the year but motorcycles with additional fuel may be allowed to get a permit into the park from Halls Gap. There are also over-flight options and tours that go in to the park.

Gibb River RoadGibb River Road (Adventurous folk only)

The Gibb River Road forms part of the alternative route of The Savannah Way which stretches all the way from Broome to Cairns in Queensland. For those with confidence in their riding abilities there is an amazing option called the Gibb River Road that will place you on one of the most incredible Outback locations in Australia. You need to plan when to go through this area carefully as fuel depots are limited and stretched apart by vast distances. There is also several waterways and river crossings so you need to investigate the correct time of year to travel as the motorcycles cannot go through water that is too deep. Preparation and knowledge make this route possible for those with confidence but again best to travel with support and with a full understanding of the risks. Winter months are considered the best time for travel along this road due to lower water levels.

Main Road

For the sensible amongst us there is also the road that goes north past the Bungle Bungle to Kununurra and from there carries on over the state border into the Northern Territory and Darwin. The road through the heart of the Kimberley is spectacular and well worth experiencing.

Rent a motorcycle and discover The Kimberley



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