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 Sydney Motorcycle Rental/Hire

Rent a motorcycle from beautiful Sydney

For more information about each state, including motorcycle highlights, weather, best time to travel, just click the State on the interactive map and you’ll find the answers.


Sydney is one of the most famous cities in the world and renting a motorbike from Sydney offers some very rewarding riding opportunities.

Whether you are planning to begin a motorcycle adventure of Australia, wish to ride in the Blue Mountains, explore the beautiful coastline and highways of New South Wales or want to explore the mountains of the Alpine Way as part of a one-way Sydney to Melbourne motorcycle hire, Sydney is a great starting point for some incredible motorcycle riding.




Sydney motorcycle rental collection

Our Sydney depot is located at Annandale. This is a short taxi ride from most central Sydney Hotels or the airport. Most one way rentals will require a one way fee to be paid, but get in contact via e-mail because we may have a motorbike in need of a relocation, which could mean that a one way fee is not necessary.

Where to Ride in Sydney, New South Wales RegionRent a motorcycle from Sydney to experience amazing scenery

Hiring a motorcycle from Sydney quickly gives you access to some stunningly beautiful areas, National Parks, State Forests, Coastal riding and the chance to do some exploring onwards to the Outback of Australia or areas further afield.

Weather in New South Wales

The weather in New South Wales differs depending on the region that you visit and the time of year. The north coast around Byron Bay and south of the Queensland border is sub-tropical and has fairly warm (20 degrees Celcius or above) temperatures even in winter (June – September) and the area around Sydney and to the South experiences temperatures of around 9 – 17 degrees Celcius (48 – 62 F) during winter making it a comfortable place to ride a motorcycle but during the summer it heats up and people flock to the coast to swim. During summer months (November – March) it will often be between 30 – 40 degrees Celcius (86F – 104 F) and so swimming is a important part of the Australian lifestyle around these coastal areas. Try to book ahead for accommodation to avoid dissapointment.

Snowy Mountains weather will typically be much more varied with snowfalls possible between July and September normally although cold snaps can bring snow down to low levels outside these months also. Rain can also cause rivers to rise and roads to be closed so be prepared if you wish to ride the winter months through this region. Summer will offer fantastic riding and the spring and Autumn timeframe can the best of both worlds with comfortable temperatures. Another important consideration during the hot summer are Bushfires that can spring up without warning so if riding though these regions in summer it pays to access websites like New South Wales Rural Fire Service for more information.

Outback NSW offers summer temperatures that can often exceed 45 degrees Celcius (113 F) with extreme dryness especially in the inland and northern parts of the state whilst winter temperatures can struggle to reach 15 degrees C (59 F). The nights though in these NSW Outback areas during winter can drop down below freezing so plan accordingly.

Motorcycling in the Blue MountainsMotorcycle rental to the Blue Mountains

The fantastic Blue Mountains lies approximately 100 kilometres to the West of Sydney, although the foothills begin much closer, and this is home to some great rides and also some impressive scenery in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and the Blue Mountains National Park. The National Park essentially marks the eastern slopes of the Great Dividing Range, which stretches all the way from Northern Queensland and runs all the way down to New South Wales and westwards into Victoria.

Throughout this area there are many 4X4 tracks to explore for those looking for a more dirt focused experience while there are also some nice tarmac roads through the area as well such as Bells Line of Road that leads into a nice loop through the park via Richmond and Katoomba.

The Blue Mountains vary in height and in reality is formed from a sandstone plateau that has been dissected by multiple gorges through which many streams and rivers run. This makes for some great terrain to explore and many challenging trails intersected by areas of great natural significance. Throughout the mountain range there is abundant wildlife such as Kangaroo, Spotted Tail Quoll, Koala and there is even the possibility of seeing Platypus throughout the waterways.

Coastal NSW

Ride the stunning south coast of New South WalesSouth of Sydney

The area around Sydney is well known for its beaches and small bays and there are some spectacular roads, which hug the edge of the coastline in both the northerly and southerly directions. Many riders choose to take this route on their way to Melbourne riding south along the Seacliff Bridge, which is a spectacular piece of civil engineering design along the Grand Pacific Drive, and also doubles as a good spot to watch out for passing whales during the migrating season. There are many places to stop along the way, cafes, restaurants and small beach towns. There are also plenty of nature opportunities, wineries, visitor centres, National Parks and walking tracks to enjoy. Obviously popular during summer its idyllic riding but can be busy with traffic.

You can continue all the way along the coast to Batemans Bay and even further all the way around into Victoria if you wish, but many choose to turn inland during the warmer months to ride through the National Parks such as Kosciuszko and to explore the area around Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountains. The Cooma – Khancobansection is worth a mention here, its a good mix of tight, twisty corners weaving through spectacular scenery.From there you can continue into Victoria and the High Country, Great Alpine Road Alpine National Park and onwards to Melbourne and beyond.


Snowy Mountains

In the South of the state of New South Wales alongside the Victoria border lies the infamous Snowy Mountains which is home to the 5 highest mountains in Australia, and during winter is the capital for winter sports with the main ski fields being located here. Mt Kosciuszko stands at a height of 2,228 metres (7,310 ft) above sea level making it the tallest on the continent and this whole region is a fantastic place to visit during summer or winter. Obviously during winter some of the roads can be closed in case of high snow dumps but during the summer this region is a veritable motorcycle riders paradise whether you wish to ride on or off-road.

Many of the best roads are located in this region stretching up to southwest of Canberra including Snowy Mountains Highway, Elliott Way, Cann River Highway, Snowy Valleys Way, Alpine Way, Monaro Highway, Tooma Road, the Barry Way and Batlow Road and off these roads you’ll find dirt tracks up into the mountains and valleys that are well worth exploring. Just be sure to check for road closures at various times of the year and speak to locals about the best routes.

Visit Jindabyne along the way for some great views over the lakes and to the mountains. A Sydney to Melbourne motorcycle rental or Melbourne to Sydney motorbike hire should include some time riding through these areas for the best experience of mountains, twisting roads, rural river towns and to taste some of the best views and hospitality Australia has to offer.

Rent a motorcycle to discover the Snowy Mountains


North of Sydney

There are also many great roads for motorcycling north of Sydney leading up towards Brisbane and the Gold Coast and beyond but again many of the best roads lie inland from the coast. An example of this is the Wauchope to Walcha road just inland from Port Macquarie. 200 km of weaving road through flat sections at either end with some beautiful forested areas in the middle section.

Outback New South WalesRide to the Outback

If riding into the dramatic and vast Outback of Australia appeals then there are many roads from Sydney, which can take you and one of our Outback Ready rental motorcycles to big sky country!

During the summer months temperatures out here can exceed 40 degrees Celsius while the region can also suffer from sudden rainstorms, which can cause unsealed roads to be closed. There can be wandering stock and wild animals at any time and the evenings are a time to be especially careful as Kangaroos and wallabies can move to the edge of the road to feed off pools of water. The main lesson is that if you are venturing into the outback then you need to be prepared as best you can to make the journey a safe one.

Throughout the Outback you’ll find roadhouses and small towns separated by long distances and there are several accommodation options along the way. The Roadhouses can vary from being quite modern and comfortable to more basic but obviously these are areas where people tend to congregate to fuel up thirsty vehicles and thirsty people.

The distances can be huge and obviously this means careful planning of the fuel stops along the way with the best option being to fuel up at each one just in case the next one has run out. Many of the main roads out this way are sealed these days but venture off these and there is no shortage of dirt and gravel for hundreds of miles.

The terrain can vary from red earth and dry scrub to small towns located in river valleys, which are lush and verdant. There are salt-lake beds, sand dunes, National Parks, and reserves to explore. It certainly is a place that is full of character though and will leave lasting impression on all who enter.

Many of the areas are settled due to mining so through any journey expect to find a lot of history and relics from that industry and there are still many mines operating today.

Rent a motorcycle from Sydney to explore Outback Australia

Camerons Corner

The furthest corner from Sydney is called Cameron’s Corner and is where the boundaries of New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland meet. It is often a part of any major Outback Journey and the Dingo (wild dog) fence stretches through here as part of its 5600 km length.

Broken Hill and SurroundsMotorcycle rental to Outback Australia

Broken Hill sits near the western border of New South Wales and use to be a silver mining hotspot as well as having ample loads of zinc and lead. Many parts of this area has featured in films such as the Silverton Hotel and the Kinchega National Park surrounding Menindee (South East of Broken Hill) offer plenty of bird watching opportunities as well as history of the explorer and settlers. This national park is a great place to camp and settle down for an evening surrounded by the wildlife attracted to the water. This whole region also has spectacular sunsets, which just adds to the experience. Find a highpoint and set up camp for amazing views out over the wide-open plains. If you would like a night or more of camping remember to check out our “Outback Kits” which contain almost all you need for a night out under the stars.




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