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We pride ourselves on our fantastic tours throughout the world and, while adventure is the main thing we aim for, we try to make sure that the everyday things run as smoothly as possible. Good hotels, motorcycles in the best condition possible, great picnic lunches and amazing staff that make sure that your experience is the best it can be. Below is some of the recent feedback we have received from our clients who have taken part in some of our various trips across the planet. We’d love you to join us on a future trip!


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Hi Jerry & Craig,,

Just back a few days ago from our Los Andes tour with Dennis & Hugo.

Peter & I had an amazing time on the tour, and the scenery was incredible!

We signed up for an expedition & that is what we got – challenging road conditions, (potholes big enough to swallow our bike), rocks, corrugations, sand, river crossings, dogs wanting to take a chunk from our legs, crazy drivers, windy mountainous roads, freezing altiplano crosswinds, snow, ice, rain, sunny blue skies, horses, pigs & llamas!!!

It was not always easy, but Dennis & Hugo worked hard to ensure things ran as smoothly as possible.

Our border crossings were a challenge for us all, especially Dennis & Hugo (think 2 attempts at crossing into Argentina…). It was a stressful time for everybody, especially the guys, but they did a fantastic job in finally getting us through (5 hours each time!).

We could all laugh about it afterwards.

We loved the challenge the trip presented and experienced a lot of different emotions throughout the trip.

Our riding skills have improved immensely as a result of our trip – Melbourne traffic will now seem a breeze!

The group were a great mix of diverse people with one common bond – a love for riding the open road.

Now we settle back into “normal” life, but with the memories of a great trip through a great continent, with a great new bunch of friends.

Thanks for such a wonderful trip & many thanks to Dennis & Hugo,


Michelle & Peter Campbell



Michelle & Peter Campbell – Los Andes Tour May 2016

F700GS Rental GOR June2016

Hi Jerry,

I would like first thank you so much for such a wonderful bike.

The trip was that much more better because of it.

I really do appreciate the fact that Jerry stayed till 8 30pm and waited till i got there to pick up the bike.

Thank you so much.

I had a wonderful ride across the Great Ocean Road all thanks to the amazing motorbike.

The bike was a beauty! I had to drive through pouring rain and the bike held firm even on wet roads.

I had no worries at all about the handling or the grip. I could enjoy the ride that much more.

The bike did not cause any worries through the three day and cross the trip.

i couldn’t have asked for a better ride!

A great bike from a great set of guys!!

I love your efforts in wanting the best for the biker and your efforts in helping in make it a great ride.

All procedures were completed and waiting for me just to start riding.

I will definitely ride with you all again and would love to recommend you guys to all my friends too.

Great place with a great set of guys! 

Jerry, you ROCK! 

Thank you so much again.


Sri – India – BMW F700 GS Rental for a Great Ocean Road ride June 2016

Chile motorcycle rental
Hi Jerry, thanks for the reply. Well you said before we left you had good people in South America and I whole heartily agree. Maria first met us and
gave us good initial information on the ride preparation and sites to see before we started. She also drove to the border to help the process there.
Alain and Eduardo showed up and complete that information transfer and ride preparation.
When we arrived at Cusco I think we were there 30 minutes before the ever efficient Sayda met us and made sure bikes were secure and set up a meeting
that evening with Ruben. At the completion of the meeting we were introduced to Pisco Sour complements of Ruben I guess. Ruben was a great guide at
Macahu Picchu, great knowledge.
Sayda met us next morning and delivered up to the train, she was also with the taxi to pick us up 2 days later. Sayda is and exceptional employee to
have on board for your operation, nothing is to much trouble for her. Eduardo and Alain were excellent tutors regarding travel in South America.
They are real particular with the servicing and care of the bikes while on the road. They would have our bikes out of overnight storage and checked
over by the time we checked out. They were also good travel companions along the road and the border crossings would have been quite difficult with out
them especially from Peru to Chile. They looked after us so well we felt quite alone as we road off into the desert at Arica.
On arrival at Pucon we contacted Vivi and Edwin and organised hand over details. The next day we climbed the Volcano in Pucon, it was an 6 hours
climb to the top and a fantastic experience.
Well Jerry that is the trip in a small nutshell, your bikes were great but your people were better than excellent in all fields of dealing with
apprehensive foreigners. Thank you for the experience and I will fly the flag for Compass whenever I can,
Kind Regards Ted

Ted Beitz – Peru and Chile Motorcycle Rental 2014

I did the 2014 ‘Road of Bones’ Major Expedition with Compass Expedition.
My hat goes off to Mick, Justin and Veronica for their continued efforts to run what must be one of the most challenging tours around. The tour is indeed a ‘major expedition’ and encompasses such a duration with so many possible variables that it is impossible to plan for every eventuality.

IMG_1824To give you an idea of the complexity of our trip:

17 people, from around the globe of different age, experience, outlook and expectation.
14 bikes, all different and requiring shipping to ports around the globe.
1 support vehicle with enough luggage to sink the Queen Mary.
14 countries each with a different language and 9 different currencies.

Throw in negotiating border crossings, finding suitable petrol, hotels and camping in places not used to much in the way of tourism, food safety, a myriad of paperwork, unpredictable weather, herding the group on schedule, bikes and riders ‘ceasing to proceed’, keeping everyone smiling…. the list goes on…

Compass however have the experience to provide the best path through the experience and Mick, Justin and Veronica kept their cool and delivered what will be remembered by all us us fortunate enough to go as a trip of a lifetime.

I left the tour with great memories and friends which I’ll keep forever.

Would I do that trip again? No, can’t see that happening. Am I glad I did it? Hell yeah, Would I do another trip with Compass? Most definitely.

Road of Bones 2014

Greg sThe tour was exceptional and was constantly surprised by what was around the corner. The bike (F 800) was fantastic and didn’t miss a beat. thoroughly enjoyed the experience with the highlight in Central Australia in the remote areas. An excellent way to see this country.

Greg Australia

Australia Encompassed

We had a great time on this trip. We are already planning our next trip with Compass for next year. Thankyou Jerry and Howard for making this so memorable.

Rod UK

Australia Encompassed

Rod and Lorranie sEverything about this experience was fantastic! it was a trip of a lifetime. There is nothing that can be improved on. Thankyou Jerry and Howard for such an amazing experience!

Lorraine UK

Australia Encompassed

anna and ivan sWe had been all over the world, there are a lot of different guides & companies all over the world but your company is one of the best! You did the impossible we saw as as it was possible during the day, Jerry showed us the best of Australia, Hedge was like a stonewall behind our backs we felt very safe and we also had a gastronomy tour!! thankyou

Anna & Ivan – Ukraine

Australia Encompassed

Robert Sheddy enjoyed the Great Ocean Road

Robert Sheddy enjoyed the Great Ocean Road

Hi Shaun,

Thanks for touching base.  I had an amazing time with your motorbike in Australia.  I had a great ride up the coast.  I had impeccable service from Jerry who dropped off the bike at my hotel. The bike was well maintained and an absolute pleasure to drive.  It was all outfitted with everything is needed including a USB outlet. I was totally impressed and would recommend your company to anyone traveling in the area.
Thanks again,
To ride the Great Ocean Road or other parts of Australia visit our Australia Motorcycle Rental Page

Australia Motorcycle Rental – Robert Sheddy

Preston loving the riding around Pucon

Preston loving the riding around Pucon


I don’t always like riding in a group. You need great guides, fun and committed riders, great roads, and beautiful scenery. The Southern Lakes Explorer trip in Chile and Argentina had all of this. In addition, it had a bonus challenge on the last day of gravel roads with steep descents and many turns and switchbacks. It was a great trip!

Wes (Preston) Adkison

Preston took part in the fantastic Southern Lakes Explorer tour around Pucon in January 2014

Wes (Preston) Adkison – Southern Lakes Explorer 2014

Danny and Justin load up on supplies

Danny and Justin load up on supplies

If this is the end of the world, whats that behind me?

If this is the end of the world, whats that behind me?

Must give a big thank you to Compass Expeditions for providing the excellent BMW 700 GS (it’s actually 800cc!!) The bike cruised on

Tarmac easily at the legal limit and more if required. On gravel you could safely purr along at 60-80k in 5th or 6th gear standing on the pegs or sitting.

A big thank you to the crew on the trip, Danny and Justin. They are both perfect for the job, with Danny enthusiastically leading the way with the ever present Justin checking on the stragglers and arriving at chosen stopping places with the truck , trailer , the impressive Compass Picnic and his laconic smile. Above we see Danny and Justin loading up a days supply of essential stores!!
David (UK) and Peter Grace (Australia) took part in the November 2013 Patagonia Explorer tour from Santiago to Ushuaia

Peter and David Grace – Patagonia Explorer

Jill and Roger Foster during Eastern Europe Motorcycle Tour

Jill and Roger Foster during Eastern Europe Motorcycle Tour


Hi Jerry,

We just wanted to let you know what a fantastic tour we just completed in Eastern Europe with Compass.

When we did the Peru trip with you in 2011, we thought that it couldn’t get much better than that, but undoubtedly this trip was right up there as far as spectacular is concerned.

Claudia and Alex, our tour leaders and Michael the support vehicle driver, did an absolutely marvellous job and made our trip easy and enjoyable. What great company and personalities they are, nothing was too much trouble.

The riding was fantastic, especially on the Transalpina Road and the Transfagarasan Road (Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear said it was the best road in the world). It was indeed challenging, but I think the most fun I have ever had riding corners.

The scenery and architecture was incredible and the food was to die for. It was a lot of riding in 18 days, 8 Countries and about 4500km’s but worth every second of it.

Well done Compass Expeditions, I think every bike rider should do at least one trip through your company before they die.

Roger and Jill Foster


Jill and Roger Foster (Australia) took part in the 2013 Eastern Europe motorcycle tour

Jill and Roger Foster – Eastern Europe Tour


Hi Shaun,

Andrew Toyne on Simon Pavey Rider Training

Andrew Toyne on Simon Pavey Rider Training

I would love to offer my feed back on the trip. I thought it was fantastic. It was very well planned and the pre-departure information was excellent. I would have appreciated an actual schedule of what was planned. I misinterpreted the two different documents that I received and thought the course started on the second rather than the second being the bonus night before the trip. In my case it was fantastic because I was fresh after a day off the bike to start the course.

Again, as with every choice that Compass make with accommodation, it was perfect. Not many can say they have visited the iconic Marree or Williams Creek hotels. We can all say that we have stayed there!

The food was great throughout the trip and the only confusion I had was why some evening meals were included and others not, but that is certainly not a complaint. The lunches were fantastic and plentiful with enough choices to keep the fussiest happy.

Simon and the Off Road Skills team are a very talented group of riders and fantastic trainers. They explained things clearly and demonstrated every exercise or skill very well. Their follow up with every rider was then attentive and thorough. I loved the fact that throughout the tour they constantly looked for challenges and opportunities to test the skills they had taught us.

I thought the route that was planned for the trip was great. It encompassed some great riding and visited classic Australian landmarks. To put the long days ride first and then ‘meander’ back to Wilpena Pound was a great way to see everything that the tour promised. Also having a big day on the bitumen at the end of the tour would have distracted from the amazing off road days which were what it was all about.

I was thrilled with what I got out of the training and I know it has made me a better rider. The whole experience was trouble free, well planned and organised, well supported and an absolute pleasure.

My thanks to Mick and Veronica for their efforts and to the ORS crew for the great training.

Cheers, Andrew Toyne

Andrew took part in the Simon Pavey Rider training and 5 day Rideout. The 2014 Rider Training and 5 Day Ride Out are here

Andrew Toyne – Simon Pavey Off Road Training & 5 day Rideout

Shane Saunders and Friend in the Grampians National Park

Shane Saunders and Friend in the Grampians National Park


Compass Expeditions did a fantastic job! The bikes were really well prepared and we rented the Outback Kits from them with the tent, gas cooker, sleeping mat and waterproof bag and had a couple of amazing nights under the stars. The Grampians are stunning. There was some good dirt roads and at one stage we had an Emu run out in front with its 8 small chicks(?). Well not that small. We had to gently guide them back into the trees to carry on the journey. Thanks Compass!

In October 2013 Shane Saunders and friend rented two BMW G650GS Sertaos for a weekend of exploring through the beautiful Grampians National Park to the west of Melbourne. The Grampians has waterfalls, tarmac and dirt roads and plenty of camping spots. Its also a good place to see Kangaroos, emus and birdlife.

Ask us about an Australia Motorcycle Rental



Shane Saunders and Friend – Motorcycle Rental Australia

Thank you for the support from Compass Expeditions! Outback adventure…that for sure! We will arrange it after CMC @ 2014 Royal Enfield England – Scotland Tour

Mesha Sini and 8 other riders from Indonesia rented motorcycles from our Melbourne Depot and went on a 5 day adventure around the Great Ocean Road, up to the Victoria Highlands and around the Grampians. Rent our Motorcycles in Australia

Mesha Sini – Australia Motorcycle Rental Group May 2013

Adriana Forlanza and John de Vos in Rio

Adriana Forlanza and John de Vos in Rio

Hi Shaun,

Thanks for the email & yes it was an amazing journey, both in the good times and not so good times. At this stage we will be brief but once John & i have settled we will email in more detail. But we would like to say, one of the important things overall, was your amazing Compass team: Danny, Felix, Justin & Sayda – they were brilliant in ALL situations… A truly remarkable team! It was an absolute pleasure & we feel lucky that they were part of our tour!


Adriana Forlenza & John de Vos (Australia) took part in the South America Coast to Coast 2013

Adriana and John


Bruce Mitchell from Australia took part in the 2014 Southern Lakes Explorer

Bruce Mitchell from Australia took part in the 2014 Southern Lakes Explorer

“Yes it was a fabulous tour around the lake district. Felix and Justin were very professional yet fun to be around. Everyone on tour were great and I made some new pals which was cool…I had a ball on the bike especilly on the dirt roads so am thinking of a more serious ride later on.
Shaun I would just like to thank everyone at Compass for giving me a trip of a lifetime with the fabulous memories that go with it all and I will tell everyone in my travels how good it was.”

From Bruce Mitchell (Australia) who took part in our Southern Lakes Explorer Motorcycle Tour in January 2014

Bruce Mitchell – Southern Lakes Explorer Tour



I just did a 2 days rental in Melbourne of the new BMW R1200 GS Waterboxer. It was a great experience to ride it on the great ocean coast road . Thanks for the flexibility on the logistic side. Very good service. Will rent again next time i come to Australia 🙂



Alain, France / Australian rental

Veronica and Mick,

I would like to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the ORS Course and learnt a huge amount from Simon, Lell, Gwyn and Linley.

I would like to also congratulate you on the organisation of the Course and the Week ride afterwards. I realise how much work goes into the organisation of the whole thing and you did a great job.

I had a great time and would like to let you know i am very keen to do the course again.

Matt, Australia / Simon Pavey Off Road Training & 5 day rideout

Crossing on the Mekong Ferry

Crossing on the Mekong Ferry


Its hard to believe how much we fitted into eight days – criss-crossing the Mekong, Buddhist blessing, shooting AK47’s, drinks at the Australian Embassy, walking through Angkor Watt, visiting the S21 Genocide Museum, dodging water buffalo and Brahman on lonely tracks, lunch overlooking Laos, eating a spider, attending a silk commune, and meeting Cambodian families at roadside stalls, as well as many beers, meals and scarey motorbike experiences with mates. I can’t speak highly enough of your team over there. They always had our backs, and they took us to places we never would have gone otherwise.

October 2013 Damien and 4 friends on a private Cambodian Adventure

Damien, Australia / Complete Cambodia

Transfagarasan Highway

Transfagarasan Highway


It was a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ ride, with fabulous scenery, mountains and sea, twisties and sweepers; a meticulously researched and tightly choreographed journey through the back roads and byways of the Balkans. It was ALL GOOD. If I had to choose highlights, they would be (1) The Dalmatian/Adriatic Coast with the three crown jewels of Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik (2) Zotor Fjord in Montenegro (3) the Danube Gorge (4) the Transalpina and Transfagarasan Highways and (5) rural Romania, especially Transylvania and the Southern Carpathians.

Hotels were all first class with three/ four star amenities, all beautifully located for scenery or convenient to downtown/historic centers or beach/lakeside. The quality of all meals was excellent with many local and regional specialties available a la carte, no limitations.

 Alan Toney took part in the 2013 Eastern Europe Tour


Riding in Croatia

Riding in Croatia




Alan, USA / Eastern Europe

Best trip I have ever done in my life, unbelievable!

Carminbe Caputo, Australia / Patagonia Explorer

Dear Compass Crew

I want to say a big thanks to you all for organising such a wonderful and memorable trip. The Simon Pavey Off Road Skills course and Outback Adventure ride were a real hoot. I cant complain about anything except that its all over and I want more!

Spectacular scenery, great accommodations and good meals. Mick, Veronica and the rest of the backup crew, you did a fantastic job to keep us all moving dealing with punctures, split tyres, logistics and also lunches.

I will definitely be back to ride again with Compass Expeditions. What an excellent service!

Marty, Australia / Simon Pavey Off Road Training Weekend & 5 Day Rideout

Howard Worsley rode from  Melbourne to Sydney

Howard Worsley rode from Melbourne to Sydney

Having enjoyed riding BMWs in the deserts of North America in 2006 and then buying a GS650 Dakar and taking it across the Sahara desert, off road, in 2007, I felt the need to explore the Australian Outback when I found myself being sponsored to visit Australia in 2013.

A quick google search brought me to Compass Expeditions and with very little hassle I secured a BMW G650 SERTAO and a helpful guy at the other end (Shaun O’Boyle) gave me initial ideas about routes that could get me places in my short one week window.

I picked the bike up at Ballan, a short train ride from Melbourne, and not difficult to find even when bleary from a 21 hour flight to get there. The bike was sound, well equipped with knobbly tyres for off road useage and with heavy duty panniers.

Day 1 I biked through rain and traffic to St Arnaud (140 kms). I was so tired that when I pitched camp I did not even want to light the stove for food.

Day 2 I took the B roads and headed up to Mildura.(400 kms total 540 kms) The big event was narrowly missing a kangaroo at 60 mph, as dusk fell. This day the terrain changed from green to brown, from fields of corn to vineyards and orange groves.
Day 3 (&4) Now the outback starts as I continued northwards  on the Arumpo road from Mildura to Lake Mungo, a dirt and sand road. It was with a sense of ‘the journey starts here’ that I left the slow moving Murray river with its Mississippi-style paddle boats and headed towards the silent desert, silent but occupied by birds of prey, emus and kangaroos. 80 kms out, a 12″ lizard lethargically crossed the road in front of the bike. I could see it from 2kms back, a dark lump moving across the track. After 150 kms (total 690 kms) I camped at the dried up Lake Mungo where once, 40,000 years ago, early humans fished and hunted.
I stayed two days , luxuriating in silence and thoughts.
Day 5 I thumped the bike back into life and set off reluctantly off road to Mildura. Almost immediately the warning light indicating petrol shortage flashed. This is always a heart quelling warning when you don’t know the exact fuel consumption of a borrowed bike and when you’re off road. I rediscovered track within 20kms and 80 kms later, when I regained tar mac, the bike was still running on ’empty’. I refuelled at Mildura and proceeded eastwards into a wind storm that made the bike lean at a 60 degree angle. After about 200 kms I camped at a lonely intersection called Hay (total 1073 kms)
Day 6 I continued to travel east towards the big city of Sydney, every mile bringing me closer to busy life and traffic. At one point when I stopped for a drink , I was surrounded by a group of Harley Riders who were convinced that the heavy winds coming from a beam angle were not rideable that day! Probably the beer they were drinking was better than riding a Harley. I stayed at a friends in Bathurst (Total 1663 kms)
Day 7 I continued on up into the Blue mountains and down into Sydney and sadly returned the bike  after 1945 kms

Would I do it again? Of course.
Did Compass Expeditions serve me well? Extremely well.

Revd Dr Howard Worsley (UK) – G650 GS Sertao Motorcycle Rental

Howard, UK / Motorcycle Rental Australia

It was one terrific trip. Simply Epic. It’s very difficult to narrow favourite parts down. You guys did a tremendous job and it would be hard to improve, i’ve got few thought that may be helpful though.

Planing wise; trip had good balance between riding days and off days, along with good touristy stuff schedule with the small excursions and trips. It was not all about riding and i like that a lot. The crew are great, wonderful people and they did a tremendous job working their asses off on challenging days we had.

Ahmed, Kuwait / South America Coast to Coast

Hi Jerry .

I had a fantastic tour with your company. I can’t tell you
with words how impressed I am with the people you have working for
you. How you managed to find two guys like that, while you reside on
the other side of the world is amazing. Roberto and Feddy are a
definite asset to your company. I had already been looking at the
possibility of doing the Highlights of Peru tour even before I left
for Chile. Is it true that Roberto and Federico also lead that tour as

Tim, Canada / Patagonia Explorer


Really enjoyed our Highlights of Peru.

Was  well organized with your selection of professional guides/helpers.

Always will be a couple of hiccups..probably not the right thing to say. Hope Danny is well and enjoying being back  in action.

Only issue was the lack of info you were going to provide on shipping/postage back to Australia. ($248 for our parcels!!).

Hotels/food/route/competence of staff EXCELLENT

Brendan & Liz, Australia / Highlights of Peru

Helen receives certificate from Simon Pavey

Helen receives certificate from Simon Pavey

Hi Shaun,

There are not enough words to describe just how much fun I had during the training and the ride out with Simon and everyone. Mick and Veronica worked hard behind the scenes to make sure everything happened. There were days when Simon chose to change the day’s route, and somehow or other Mick and Veronica made it happen. The condition of the bike was excellent – always reliable and consistent. I was overjoyed to see Mick was able to accomodate my request for a low seat 🙂

The lunches everyday were amazing, I don’t eat that well at home! Also, the mix of cooked brekky vs continental brekky was good – you can’t go eating bacon and eggs everyday. For the meat eaters amongst us, there was always ample opportunity to stop off somewhere if an extra snack was required before lunch – however lunch was well and truly worth the wait 🙂

The training was well paced and at that time challenging. It was interesting to revisit the same area a week later to find training exercises were much easier. The girls and I even rode up a rocky hill we had previously thought difficult and didn’t even realize it was the same road, it looked so tame! When I look back across the week I cannot believe the things I did, and the places I rode. Truly unbelievable! The trip was well paced as well – the terrain getting a little more difficult as each day went on. Everyday different, and everyday a new skill learnt.

Although it is Simon’s name all over the training school, Linley, Gwyn and Llel were awesome trainers and so very patient 🙂 Simon’s reputation is indeed secure with these guys (and girl) behind him. All the trainers had their own little catchphrase which became a mantra when things got a bit ‘different’. When encountering the now infamous ‘Road of Stones’ on the way to Arkaroola all I could hear in my head the whole way was Gwyn with his ‘Wheels are round, they go over things’. That is definitely what got me through and kept the nerves at bay. After Coober Pedy and also long the Oodnadatta Track, I was initially a bit tentative in the heavy sand – remembering Simon and his ‘Keep the front wheel steady, the back wheel can do whatever it likes, certainly helped in some tricky situations. Thinking of Linley and her ‘Top 4 Tips’ definitely helped with getting around corners in the gravel (and with some speed as well), and Llel always seemed to appear from nowhere just seconds before doubt crept in with a big smile and a thumbs up.

I really, really, really hope Compass are able to host the training and ride out again next year. I don’t care about location, both Cameron and I will be there!!

2014 Simon Pavey Off Road Skills Training

2014 Simon Pavey 5 day Ride Out


Helen, Australia / Simon Pavey Off Road Training Weekend and 5 day Rideout

It was dream to come to Peru. My dream has come true. It was the best adventure of my life. Thanks Jerry, Leo and Peter.

Attila, Hungary / Highlights of Peru

Dear Compass Crew,

I just have to express my gratitude for a trip of a lifetime between Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. The coastal scenery around Paraty on Brazil’s southern coast has to be some of the best in the world – Lush Green Jungle, Blue Sea, Surf, and bends galore! In contrast the mountain roads around Sao Joaqim and with the sweeping flat highways through Uruguay made for a fantastically varied route. Forever etched in my memory are the countless hairpin bends through the clouds up to the Sao Joaqim plateau, and riding the wet cobbled roads up out of Antonina. And who would have thought I would get to captain the ferry from Cassino. The superb boutique hotels in Antonina and Punta Diablo are now on my list of secret hideaways to return too.

Further more I must complement you on your crew and equipment. The BMW 650’s are brilliant new machines. HD514 never left me wanting and turned heads wherever we went.

It was refreshing not to have to tour loaded up with luggage and be able to enjoy the bike to the full, in the knowledge that all my gear was safe and dry in the Land Cruiser.

Thanks too to Jerry and Adam. Whether it was trying to deal with the inevitable puncture or an obstinate Brazilian border official who got out of bed the wrong side, these two members of your team were always on hand with their years of experience to ensure that South Americas worst didn’t spoil the day!

I very much look forward to the next two wheeled adventure. Perhaps you have some places currently available for Torres del Paine in 2011?

Patrick, United Kingdom / South America

Well organized – Local knowledge good. Nothing too much trouble. Language skills excellent. No hesitation in recommending or availing to further tours – Great 10 days. Many thanks.

Geoff, Australia / Patagonia

You get to do it at your own pace, if you want a break, you have a break, there is no pushing, if you want a photo you take a photo!

Cate, Australia / Patagonia Explorer

Best ride of my life to date – entering Bariloche Ruta 40, Argentina

John, Australia / Patagonia Explorer

Dear Mick and the boys

I would like to share my deepest thanks for making my South American trip such a wonderful experience. I felt totally supported the entire trip and your service from our first phone call has been outstanding. Your equipment was top shelf and your itinerary made each day its own fantastic adventure. You were right, the trip has changed my life and I have Compass Expeditions to thank for it. I will see you guys in two years for another adventure, and I have already started counting down the days.

Doug, Australia / South America Rental

It’s been a great trip from start to finish, all in all absolutely no complaints, it was super!

Philip, Canada / Patagonia Explorer

When it comes to riding dirt and experiencing spectacular scenery, this is the real deal!

Adrian Blake, Canadian motojournalist


Adrian Blake , Canada Motrojournalist / Patagonia Explorer

A great experience with a new motorbike tour company who are eager to please. The bikes were the best we have experienced on many overseas trips. Compass Expedition’s enthusiasm will undoubtedly lead to an outstanding motorcycle tour company, certainly within South America, if not the world.

James, Australia / South America

The tour out-shined my wildest expectations on every level! I really enjoyed the “go at your own pace” format of the tour. Great for the faster riders and the slower riders as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to book another tour with Compass; in fact I wouldn’t book with anyone else.

Sam, USA / Patagonia

Really professional and really great to deal with. We both love riding and what better way to see a place like this, its pretty darn spectacular!

Simon, UK / Patagonia Explorer

Wilder than my best imaginings, these guys are awesome!

The scenery is beyond words and it’s a fabulous experience!

If I had twelve months to live, I would book Compass Expeditions for the remainder of my life!

Susan, Canada / Patagonia Explorer

Compass Expeditions provided me with the adventure of a lifetime. The staff went out of their way to ensure we all had a great time. I am hoping to do another ride soon.

Dan, Australia / South America

This was the greatest motorcycle trip I have ever been on. The trip was carefully planned but un-regimented. Each day was unique in scenery and in riding conditions. The bikes were always examined each evening and kept in the best of shape. The accommodations and food was always top notch. In short, I loved the trip and plan to return and ride with you again.

David, U.S.A / South America

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Compass and staff for a truly great experience on the Los Andes tour. When I booked the trip, I was at the end of my tether with an incredibly high pressure/high responsibility job. So there were moments when I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew when we started the off road part of the Los Andes tour and questioned why I hadn’t chosen a trip away to the Bahamas. Most riders had ridden all their lives and had excellent off road experience. However, the Atacama and Bolivian desert was the best thing I could have wished for. All other parts of the tour were amazing and I love South America. All guides, hotel staff, Anna Marie and family, the 4×4 special tour guide and cook were lovely. Leo’s mature and caring attitude to all situations thrown at him is highly impressive – (of course nothing runs smoothly but that was all apart of the experience). He is a great asset to Compass. Mauricio ensured Leo was supported; that guests were well fed and he never seemed to be bothered by anyone’s demands….that are a rare quality. A big thank you again as I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Kim, Australia / Los Andes

Most amazing 12 days of my life/Chile, Argentina, fantastic, excellent tour that will be hard to top

Luke, Australia / Southern Lakes Explorer

Some of the best money we’ve ever spent. Would do it again in a heartbeat

Roger and JoAnne, Canada / Patagonia Explorer

This trip took me out of my skin in the best way possible. It was diverse, sometimes (often) tough and sometimes outright luxurious but always incredibly fun. Our guide, Leo was an excellent mixture of fun loving motorcyclist and experienced and sometimes serious tour guide. He was always on the job looking out for us and concerned about our safety and that we were being looked after. Our support vehicle driver, Mauricio, prepared fantastic lunches for us on driving days and took great care of our luggage whilst on tour. The itinerary could not have been better planned. The riding days were a great mixture of awesome tarmac and challenging dirt.

Bolivia was a blast. The way Compass alternate riding days with touristing days is really excellent and each day leaves you wanting to do just what you did that day over and over again, but for the fact that you know the next day will be just as good as the last. On the non riding days the frequent guided tours are excellent and really add to the holiday. Jerry keeps close contact with the group guides to ensure that everything goes well and despite the fact that you visit some really remote places one feels very safe at all times. The bikes are excellent and well maintained. This holiday represented the best value for money holiday I’ve ever had, in fact I can’t see how Compass make a buck out of it. Many many thanks to Jerry for assembling a crew of such high standard. Keep up the great work.

John Malouf, Australia / Atlantic to Altiplano

If I was to do another motorcycle tour in the future I will defiantly be looking at what Compass has to offer first, and would recommend Compass to anyone who was looking for a great tour company.
Thanks again for providing a great tour.

John, New Zealand / South America

What an amazing tour. Given that neither of us have done more than farm track and car park gravel before, to say it was hard work was an understatement, but with leo’s guidance, a real learning experience. Leo was awesome. Lots of knowledge, very friendly, always smiling, great sense of humour, first class person. Tavo could not do enough to please everyone, what a great guy. Andy tried so hard to please, very friendly guy a real asset to the team. As for the Compass organisation – wow. Nothing was not thought of, every little detail was covered. The support & backup were first class & I doubt could not be bettered. As for the locations & scenery! Patagonia was always somewhere as a young rock climber I always wanted to come to but never got the chance, now I have seen the best of it with Compass, it has gone way beyond my expectations, a wonderful & enchanting place.

This trip has inspired us to do more. We will be riding with you again for sure, now we have coped with some tough terrain.

Thankyou again for one, if not THE best experience of a life time

Chris and Glynis, Australia / Patagonia Explorer

I wanted to send a quite note to all the Compass Team to say thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and sincerely appreciate the efforts of Leo, Tarvo and Andy. These guys really went the extra step in ensuring that everything went smoothly on the trip. Thanks also to all those who assisted in organising the tour, it really was as good as I hoped it would be.

I hope to able to do another tour with Compass in the future but will need some time for funds and annual leave to recuperate!

Thanks again

James, Australia / Atlantic to Altiplano

Hello Jerry,

You can be very proud of you company, because I have seldom seen such a good organisation and correction. I can only recommend you to my biker’ surrounding.

Roland, Switzerland / Higlights of Peru

I absolutely loved the trip, utterly absorbing.

Leo was an excellent leader, competent, diplomatic and assured. Andrew was ever helpful and a very nice person

I can only congratulate you on a superbly organised trip. I will definitely travel with you again and would recommend Compass without hesitation

Tony, Australia / Patagonia

Dear Compass Team,

We recently returned from a Patagonia Explorer trip and are not surprised about the recognition by National Geographic. We found the trip to be an incredible experience. The pre trip information was terrific and any additional queries were answered quickly. The trip itself was unbelievably well run, a credit to your Tour Leader (Leo) and Support Driver (Andrew). The research and pre-planning that went into organizing the trip showed through in the easy and safe way we journeyed through Chile and Argentina. We are that confident that all tours run by Compass Expeditions are approached and conducted in the same manner and hence at the earliest opportunity we will be doing another trip with Compass Expeditions.

Andrew and Sue, Australia / Patagonia Explorer

Jerry, we write this testimonial still in the afterglow of our extraordinary adventure last month. We are all still dreaming Peru! The 9 in our group collectively thank you and praise you and your team for the experience of a lifetime. For us, there were highlights every single day…. The riding was exciting with inspiring scenery. The organisation was faultless and your team with Micho, Silvana and Hans always on hand (and great company as well). The accommodation was ideal and the catering perfect. For anyone looking for adventure and culture this is a perfect trip.

Jerry, we particularly compliment you on leading the tour with such enthusiasm and commitment. This trip is something that all of us will remember for our lives…or until we do the next Compass trip, whichever comes first. Thanks Jerry

Anne and Gary Vick, Janet and David Melrose, Sue Llewellyn, Peter Milford, Glen Egerton, Wayne and Maree Vick / Highlights of Peru

Just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know we had a fantastic time in South Africa – great riding, great scenery, great side tours, and a terrific group of riders. It’s one of those times you run out of superlatives.

Geoff & Nard, Australia / South African Safari

Awesome trip, definitely a tour of a lifetime

Noel, USA / Patagonia

G’day Jerry,

Sue and I have recently come back to OZ after having done Compass Expeditions’ Patagonia Explorer Tour – Ushuaia to Pucon. We want all at Compass to know what a fabulous tour it was in every respect, so much so that we intend doing one of the Highlights of Peru tours in 2013. Our tour leader Hans, and support vehicle driver, Silvana were just ideal for their respective roles, and could not have been more supportive to the group – nothing was too much trouble. They worked together so well that each ride day flowed smoothly from start to finish – loading bags, ensuring everyone’s hotel bills were paid, setting up the scrumptious picnic lunches, fuel stops, coffee stops, photo stops, unloading bags and finally, ensuring everyone was settled into the new accommodation.

Plenty of options were given for things to do on non ride days, and the information sheets handed out throughout the tour were very comprehensive. Hans and Silvana’s assistance during the various border crossings enabled the transition to be carried out relatively quickly and with a minimum of fuss. They really are a credit to Compass and we’d love to be able to tour with them again. The food throughout Argentina and Chile was mostly excellent (only a couple of not so good choices on our part), and the steaks sensational (everything I expected them to be), not to mention the asado at Estancia La Angostura.

The sizzling trays of traditional BBQ’d lamb still make me drool today – please pass me a napkin. Whilst “on the road”, the lunches prepared by Silvana and Hans were just great. There was plenty of it, and good variety, not only the main but also the fruit. If you couldn’t find something to your liking in the condiments box, then I reckon you’d be awfully hard to please. The BMW F650GS was a brilliant bike for the tour. It was an easy bike to ride both on gravel and sealed roads – its excellent handling on sealed roads particularly, surprised us both. The bike is also pretty tough. So, in closing, what can we say about the Compass Expeditions Patagonia Explorer Tour but WOW! That was really something, and we want to do it again

Pete & Sue, Australia / Patagoina Explorer

Just an email to say what a great holiday it was. It went beyond all expectations. The routes, Hans and Silvana, the food, the stopovers, everything just amazing. The riding was exceptional and just so much bloody fun. I can do far more than I had realized on a motorbike. Helmet splitting smiles left, right and centre. I think I found happiness without a beer in hand – who would have thought! Hans was an excellent lead and Silvana superb in support. They deserve a huge amount of credit as it wasn’t easy going. They both kept calm and professional when I would have flipped my lid and gone postal in all honesty. Excellent team. Pass on my thanks when you can. Will be booking through you again.

Lee, UK / Best of Brazil

We had an absolute cracker of a trip and really appreciated the effort your team over there put in. The whole operation worked really well and the tour was everything promised and more.

Andy, Australia/ Patagonia

What a blast. I can’t speak highly enough about the tour, your staff, the whole thing. It was sensational from go to woe. Thanks for everything mate, we all intend on riding with you again.

Bruce, Australia / Patagonia Explorer

Hi Eric,

It was the best tour yet! I knew it would be. I am just finishing laundry and will think about packing for our next adventure. And the pick pocketers can not detour us from continuing to travel and experience all that the Lord has to offer! Great people, great food, awesome scenery, priceless memorios. I will send you some pics soon. I took about 4,000!!! Digital is great. I rode with a Nikon D40 around my neck. Walt and I counted, we have traveled with at least ten other companies-this was the best. Hans and Silvana were a great team. I hope Hans and Thomas can continue the excellent tour that we experienced .We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to experience this adventure with.

Your logo could be “More than a ride, It’s an adventure”

Pam & Walt, USA / Patagonia Explorer

We had a great vacation! Everything was wonderful. Hans was a terrific tour leader, and I think we all felt very safe under his direction. I had been a little apprehensive about having 12 bikes traveling together, but it worked out great. Everyone rode at their own speed, stopping to take pictures, adding or subtracting clothing as the weather changed etc, then we all waited until the group had reassembled before we moved on. Silvana and Thomas did a wonderful job also. Having the truck stay behind the last rider was also comforting. In one instance one of the group got separated from the rest and he just waited until the truck appeared! Pam and I were also grateful to have the opportunity to ride in the truck on the ripio. It was so rough for such long distances, that we were happy to let the guys ride by themselves, and I’m sure they were equally happy not to have us to worry about on the back while negotiating the bumps!

The accommodation was great on the whole and the food was terrific. I don’t think we had a bad meal the entire trip. Hans, Silvana and Thomas made us some wonderful lunches, and although I don’t often eat lunch, I was ravenous when we stopped and I ate far more than usual! The dinners provided by Compass were also very good.

As for the journey itself, I think it was well balanced. The sights we saw
were breathtaking. Even Patagonia with its miles of nothing and big sky had a charm of its own and gave time for a bit of self reflection! Reaching Ushuaia was unbelievable…such a sense of exhilaration! Terrific!

Janet & Martyn, USA / Patagonia Explorer

I just wanted to drop you a line as we are now home and back to the grind. The trip was absolutely fantastic. I still cannot believe what I experienced the past three weeks. I also want to let you know that all of the people on the trip that I talked with during and after could not say enough great things about the crew of Thomas, Roberto and Frederico. They were fantastic and professional and we were treated like royalty. They couldn’t do enough for us whether it was extra activities to be arranged or help with menus at a restaurant, they were great. They are the face of the company and you can be proud of how they represent Compass

Jody, Canada / Highlights of Peru

I came to see Australia, or part of it. I feel Compass have more than exceeded my expectations. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime. I leave having seen and experienced a good part of your great country.

TJ, Canada / Australia Encompassed

Ok guys, its official: best holidays ever, you’re my no.1! Thanks so much for that fantastic ride from Darwin to Melbourne and for an incredible experience which can hardly be described with words- the stunning landscapes and places you showed us, the fun company, the wonderful accommodations and yummy food, roadside assistance, etc.etc. With you guys-any time again and any country! Love to all of you and see you soon again! Xox

Bianca, Germany / Australia Encompassed

Well after 11,185 km’s in Australia, I must say that I have had the most awesome trip with Compass Expeditions. Our tour operators, Mick and Jerry, were amazing, and what a fantastic group of people were on the tours. I can’t wait to do it again.

Carol, Australia / Australia Encompassed

When people ask us about it, I am still finding it hard to describe how fantastic it was. I can only say it was an epic adventure, It’s hard to imagine anything will ever be as awesome and life changing again.

Roll on more adventures!!!!!! Thanks again

Deane & Lynnie NZ / Road of Bones 2012

truly one of the great rides of the world

Greg, Australia / South America Coast to Coast

I just completed the Road of Bones Tour 2012 with Compass Expeditions. I experienced so many challenges throughout the tour. It was a true adventure experience. There were no 2 days the same and you would wake up in the morning and wonder what challenges await you today. Who are you going to meet? What scenery you are going to experience. I would recommend Compass Expeditions to anyone who wishes to do something out of the ordinary.

Aldo, Australia, Road of Bones 2012

Jerry. I had a fantastic time on the tour and I can’t say enough about Hans and Thomas as a team. I’ve done some guiding and rescue work myself in the paddling and climbing fields and I was really impressed with their ability to manage safety, schedule and personalities without seeming to be managing. That’s really a trick as I am sure you know.

You guys put on a helluva tour, Jerry, all the way around. I’ll be paying the piper here at work for quite a while before I can do another trip that long, but in the interim I will certainly recommend Compass to my friends, and you may feel free to use me as a reference any time. All the best,

Mike, USA / Patagonia Explorer

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